Wednesday, 11 September 2013

What's (Been) Going On: Lisa Cross

I have spent the last two years touring all over the world following the freak show that is international bodybuilding. I have had a wonderful time and met some amazing people. I have gathered knowledge from every continent. It's now time to get back on the stage. My prep started yesterday: I have 18 weeks all planned out in front of me. I am excited and driven to be the best I can be for 2013.
Lisa Cross May 2013

Britain's finest, Lisa Cross, is on the verge of returning to competition after a two-year absence. Here at FMS, this is already causing such a collective state of excitement that by the time the Arnold Classic Europe arrives in exactly a month's time, having a handful of medical professionals on hand might be advisable.

This excitement has partly been brought on by the latest updates to Lisa's blog. On the left, Lisa at the end of June. In the centre, at ten weeks' out, which would have been the beginning of August, we reckon. And, the most recent, dated 26th August, has Lisa adding to the beauty of the Devon countryside in her own inimitable way.

There were still six weeks to go at the time of the latest pic. The mind boggles at the magnificence of the shape she'll be in by October. We'll be counting down to the show with a week of tribute to Lisa at the start of October. Till then, Lisa's latest upload to her Daily Motion channel (she's obviously too naughty for that other tube site!).

Entitled Madrid Inspired, I don't think it'll leave you in any doubt that she is raring to get back on the stage and show off her mouth-watering muscles once again.

I, for one, am 100% ready to have my mouth watered. Enjoy!

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