Saturday, 6 June 2015

A Nation Celebrates
Our champion!

From Cornwall to Cumbria the talk last Sunday was the same all over. Did you see the results? She's only bloody well gone and won it! On radio and TV newsreaders announced the joyful news. By lunchtime, Queen Andrulla had declared that Monday should be a national holiday and a day of celebration. The Mayor of Rochdale commissioned a new sign to welcome visitors to the town that reads: "Welcome to Rochdale Birthplace of Lisa Cross". And once again the Prime Minister showed himself up by announcing at a press conference that he wanted to congratulate Britain's new female bodybuilding champion Rene Campbell on her great win in Orlando...
The lucky dress? Lisa checks in before shining in Omaha

Sadly, this is not quite how it panned out. But I'll bet there were plenty of UK female muscle fans who surreptitiously checked their phones for the Omaha Pro result on Sunday morning and then consequently had a better day. I know it made mine.
Pretty in pink during pre-judging

There's been plenty of comment about the the quality of the field in Omaha - a "dismal" line-up one commentator said - and the fact that there were only nine other women on stage for Lisa to beat. But even if you agree with those people - and I absolutely DO NOT - the fact that a British woman has won a professional female bodybuilding title should be put into context. It last happened fully fourteen years ago at the Jan Tana Pro, when Joanna Thomas won the Lightweight title (beating five other women). For a British win in an open class you need to go back a further two years, to the 1999 Jan Tana when Gayle Moher beat Yaxeni, Valentina et al to the title. You should also bear in mind that, with the notable exception of the South American beasts last year, there have been hardly any women from outside North America who have won an IFBB pro show since the turn of the century. And on top of that, consider how hard it has become in recent years for European female bodybuilders to get a pro card at all.
Lisa gets her groove on

Typically, Lisa was sharing the credit around after her win. We did it !!! IFBB PRO WINNER. Thank you to everybody for all your kind words of support over this prep. Mostly I would like to thank my coach the fantastic amazing Alina Popa. Without a doubt without her guidance and knowledge this never would have happened. This truly was a team effort, she guided me every step of the way.
A model champion

Then Lisa was off to do a photoshoot with Wings of Strength, and a trip to New York to "connect" with some (of the luckiest) fans (in the world). And meanwhile, back home in the UK, a nation of female muscle heads silently continue to celebrate...

Lisa on Facebook, Twitter and her website

See you in 2029 with the next British female IFBB pro winner!

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