Sunday, 21 June 2015

Pic of the Week


Before we get going with today's post proper, an apology for a error in a previous post. In The Joy of Ella (Part 2) we said her next contest was going to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She did compete there last weekend - taking home the silverware. But she also competed two weeks prior to that in Toronto, in the amateur contest that runs on the same weekend as the pro show there. And guess what? She cleaned up there too. Overall champion and recipient of a special "Ripped Freak" award. Nice.

Anyway, onto our Pic of the Week.

Hahahaaa! That moment when you're making selfies in the elevator and the door is opening... says Ella. Don't know about that guy, but I died laughing.

Thankfully, Ella only metaphorically died laughing, you understand.

Doesn't look like "that guy" was laughing to me. Looks to me like "that guy" is wearing his ol' schmoe face right there. Not that you can blame him. It's not everyday - well, actually pour moi it's not bloody ever - that you walk into a lift and get a good ol' schmoe-faced gander at female muscle of that magnitude and post-contest quality.


I want my moment in the lift! Some guys have all the luck. (sigh)


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