Friday, 19 June 2015

Dressed in Muscle: Muscles in Black

Any color so long as it's black was, I believe Henry Ford's famous line. Well, when it comes to dresses,  FMS isn't as picky about colour as Mr Ford was about his cars, so long as there's a muscle woman inside. But black will do very nicely, thank you.

As far as I'm concerned our Hot and Hard #10 and all-round classy lady Karina Nascimento would look smokin' hot if she were wearing a cloth sack. Fortunately though, as a successful mother and bodybuilder, she doesn't have to, and is elegantly dressed whether she's heading out or, er, making a protein shake. Good to see that while "anything goes" these days there are still some ladies who not only dress for dinner but also dress for snacks between meals. Like I said, she's ALL class.

One day when they start their search for the next Bond girl they might actually come and look at the world of female bodybuilding for a change. It's a hope, anyway - a hope and a fervent prayer! Figure Olympian Wendy Fortino makes an early bid for the role of Ivana Deltova in the next 007 movie here. She's a character - according to early script drafts - who can break hearts as efficiently as she breaks legs.

Two different approaches to muscular attraction. Above, a woman identified only as "Kristin" leaves her honeypot arms exposed, but enticingly covers up her legs - and if they look half as good as those arms, they're going to be worth waiting for. Meanwhile, below, a totally unidentified and rather fierce looking lovely takes the other route, exposing honeypot legs (I say! Those calves look jolly nice.) [that's British English for "dem calves doe" - ed.] And if her arms look half as good... etc.

But just like in the political era of Tony Blair, there's always a third way for the female bodybuilder. Uncover both the upper and lower body! Why shouldn't she? After all, unlike "normal" women, there's no part of the body the muscular woman needs to accentuate over others because it's all great, and no parts she has to hide away either.

British beauty Jackie Hague (left, avec very shiny pot) and the self-styled "Sex Symbol of Modern Female Bodybuilding" Nataliya Romashko go the third way.

And talking of letting it all hang out... I'm not sure this actually constitutes a dress as such, but I doubt you are complaining that I've included this groin-activating view of Physique competitor Kayla Dee Johnson as part of today's post. I'd certainly like to think that Kayla goes out in outfits like this - you know, when she pops to the corner shop for some loo roll, for example - but I may be wrong about that.

Do my shoulders look big in this? asks Katie Sauter. Yes? M-m-massive, you say? Oh I am pleased. Now, if you put that away we'll go and show these bad boys off to the world, shall we? Brethren, let us all give thanks for the halter top. It's the stuff which female muscle dreams are made of. My female muscle dreams anyway!

And we finish as we began, with a touch of pure Brazilian female muscle class...


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