Sunday, 14 June 2015

Dressed in Muscle: Hall of Famer I


I must have seen hundreds (if not thousands) of images of Christina in my time, and even a cursory perusal of her folder on an old hard drive revealed many of them involved her looking both excitingly huge AND beautifully glamorous in a variety of elegant dresses. But great as all of those images are, this one just blows me away.

She's not so much in the dress as emerging out of it, "hulking out" as one comment on the picure at Girls with Muscle puts it. In particular, those pecs - for which she is rightly famed - appear to be expanding, pushing the fabric outwards. Stare at them for long enough and I swear you'll start to believe they are actually moving!

On solid thighs she stands, hands on hips, her delts and lats splayed. She looks right at you with a knowing, arrogant smile. She is all muscle, all power, all woman.

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