Sunday, 7 June 2015

When Wendy Met Merle

So, a man walks into a bar...

And immediately says to himself, This is the greatest bar I've ever been to.

Wendy Watson and FMS fave Merle Mohr seem to have been hanging out together quite a bit in recent months, and in the process turning whatever venue they're frequenting into the greatest ever. I'd like to think that if I was lucky enough to be out for the evening and find myself in the same place as these two glamorous muscle goddesses that I would be all cool and stuff, but I suspect however hard I tried to hold it together, I'd instantly be reduced to a tongue-tied quivering wreck.

Better enjoyed from the comfort of my own home, for sure. And I'm particularly enjoying Wendy and Merle's choices of outfit. Classy, but they're also showing off those arms, shoulders and backs to (no doubt) devastating effect wherever they may be.

Great to see Merle back and (apparently) planning to compete again. I believe she disappeared for a while due to some health problems, but she's looking as big and gorgeous as ever. Those eyes and that chest certainly haven't got any less arresting.

See Merle previously on FMS in 2011(!) in Meine Top 5 Deutsch Muskel M├Ądchen.

Wendy featured only last week as one of the great fat to fit transformations (in She's Not Like Everybody Else), and previously after the 2013 NPC Nationals.

Both ladies are on Instagram but you'll need to request the follow. Wendy here, Merle here. So behave yourself and you will probably get to see them the next time they get together without having to actually be there, a tongue-tied quivering wreck.


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