Saturday, 27 June 2015

Lisa G Is...


But it took me a good five minutes to realise it!

Of course, I'm exaggerating (it was more like three minutes) but if you could do an experiment where you showed this picture to 100 men (and/or women, I doubt the result would be any different) and could somehow track where their eyes were looking, I'd bet that pretty much every eye would be drawn to the complete package of muscular beauty on the right. I mean, where did you look? If the picture flashed up for, say, three or four seconds, and then disappeared, would you have been able to describe the other women in the picture - hair colour, clothing etc. - in any detail?

It's been a while since we devoted a full week to a single female bodybuilder (Iris Kyle was the last, in case you're interested) but this week Lisa G Is... our only theme.

And you can let Lisa dominate your eyes with a few more pictures from the same backstage area if you download this little rar file from the FMS archive.

Enjoy! More Lisa tomorrow.


  1. God bless you, you lunatic briton.
    Lisa is one of the best girls to appear on the recent (and sometimes decadent scene. Wait, let me rephrase that the way she deserves: Lisa is one of the biggest, beefiest and more delicious girls to put on a tiny bikini, lots of tan lotion and enter a stage. There's one video of her showing those calves, enormous balls of muscles with veins like a roadmap. I could watch it for days! Thank you for the great week ahead. Best regards.

  2. Great choice! Lisa is simply amazing