Thursday, 23 June 2016

Oh Canada! 100 Reasons to Love Maple Muscle

We claimed at the beginning of the week that aside from the US, not even Brazil (well, perhaps Brazil), comes close to matching Canada for its services to female muscle lovers. And today, we have a post to convince anyone who doubts that.

100 women Canadian by birth or by adoption. Bodybuilders, Physique stars, and even the odd Figure, Fitness and Bikini competitors. Old school and new school.

We're not always very worried about appealing to the masses, but if there isn't at least one body from the past who brings back memories or one new name who takes your fancy today, then should probably be reading another blog. We've not so much dipped into the archive as drilled a hole through the wall and taken out everything of value.

Gentlemen, FMS proudly presents 100 MUSCLE GODDESSES OF CANADA!

The names of all the 100 women will be published at the end of the week, just in case PumpItUp or some such know-it-all wants to go ahead and try and name the lot.

I wouldn't want to spoil their fun!


  1. No Julie Bilodeau? Blasphemy! I kid, as much as I like them, did not realize they were that prevalent, even with looking at Falconi, Binetti, Coates and Bruneau and realizing that was 25 years ago.


    Sorry, forgot the link to Julie's pic.

    1. Thanks colt, knew I'd get crucified by someone for leaving out their favourite!
      Seriously though, thanks for introducing me to Julie, she must have passed me by. Nice one!
      It is amazing how many Canadians there are, perhaps Julie could be #1 in a new post: 100 MORE Reasons to Love Maple Muscle...