Monday, 27 June 2016

Reader Request: Simone, Toronto 2014

I'm always asking for suggestions, for help putting this blog together, and lately there's been a terrifc response. You know we are rapidly approaching the 3m page views mark here, and maybe that's small potatoes to some, but it's a milestone nonetheless, and I couldn't have done it without you and all that. I keep doing this because people get in touch and say nice things like "been catching up on the blog - fantastic posts as usual".

How could I refuse a request after that?

Anyway, the posts said complimentary reader had been catching up on were the recent week of Size Matters posts, and last week's tributes to the muscle women of Canada. And that combination made him think of... a Brazilian?!

Thinking of size queens, I always think of the Brazilians, he explained, so this came to mind. It combines size and Canada.

Well, it certainly has size. And I suppose, yes, it took place in Canada...

One of the best posing videos I've seen (and I've seen plenty), he says. Anyone who thinks that female bodybuilders aren't sexual needs to take a long, hard look at Simone on stage.

Well, we're probably preaching to the converted here, but let's do that, shall we?

Thanks to AW for this (and other) suggestions.

Clip by and taken from the mighty watatiwatatio's YouTube channel.

Now, what's your "best ever" contest posing video?

Suggestions please!

And thank you, again, for reading.

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    Poor quality, and not really a spectacular routine, but the first bodybuilder I was interested in-way back in the day. Phyllis Padur.