Friday, 17 June 2016

Size Matters: Pauline Nelson

It was while browsing through some candid/backstage photos from this year's New York Pro that I came across the vision of feminine muscular beauty below.

Certainly not a woman whose backward about putting the results of all her hard work on display, I thought to myself. But who, I wondered, is she?

Pauline Nelson, it turns out, was once upon a time (and for some years), the training partner of none other than Kai Greene. She made something of a splash a few years ago when she won the 2013 NPC Eastern USA Masters and Overall titles, not so much because she'd beaten only a handful of other FBBs on that day, more because of just how great she had looked while doing it. How "professional", you might say.

At some point between then and now, Pauline had been awarded that pro card but rather than compete, she'd focused on the competitive goals of other bodybuilders (male and female), apparently with much success. And now here she was at the New York Pro. Just visiting. And getting more than her share of attention in that outfit.

She'd certainly got my attention.

And just a couple of weeks after the New York Pro, Pauline turned up again in a very different, but equally stunning and revealing outfit at the NPC Atlantic States.


Iris Kyle was hanging around there too. Now I know Iris is making a comeback this year, or at least that was what she announced a little while ago. So perhaps Iris is not in her biggest off-season shape, but even so, next to Pauline she does look somewhat... How to put it? "Lightweight"?!

The arms... the shoulders...

I'll say it again. WOW!

Pauline is on Instagram. Her own hardcore training, her high-achieving clients, and many many more exciting examples of Pauline's evening wear collection await.

You might also like to check out Gennifer Strobo's post-show interview with her after her 2013 Eastern USA triumph. For fans of sexy Caribbean lilts it's a must!


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  1. Thanks for the introduction Slave!! Pauline is now one of my favorite Muscular Nubian Queen..or should I say my cock's favorite..LOL!!