Wednesday, 29 June 2016

That Guest Posing Routine

It's not often that I'm more excited about seeing images and video of a guest posing routine than I am at the prospect of images and video of the actual show, but the recent Omaha Pro was one of those rare occasions. I hope the fine ladies who lined up that day will forgive me, but the prospect of Elena Oana Hreapca, primed by Alina Popa, strutting her considerable stuff on the stage there was just too tantalising, especially given the shape she was in a couple of weeks before her appearance.

And though expectations were ridiculously high, she didn't disappoint.

Starting by taking stuff off. And quickly. The song may have been You Can Leave Your Hat On, but hers was off before the end of the first verse had faded and the chorus kicked in. There wasn't much "tease" in the strip, she didn't hang about.

The body was out. And it suddenly made perfect sense why she wasn't keen to keep it covered up. All the best bits you expect from Oana were there. The upper body, the abs, the ABS!!! But Alina had done her work. This was a whole new level for Oana. Legs. Not the first thing you think of when you think of Oana, but they were stunning. Those calves! So BIG!!! She faces rear, and it's breathtaking. The thickness. The meat on her. And the detail! Striations on her glutes! She was spectacular.

Would she have won the contest if she'd entered it?

I wouldn't like to say, but the general opinion is that, yes, she would have been, in all probability, as Michelle Neil used to say in her day, hard to keep out of the top 1.

But one thing is certain. No one comes close to Oana in the abs department.

No one is even in the same postcode.

I need to see video, was my first thought. I NEED to see video...

And courtesy of one of the WPD competiors at the show, my prayer was answered.

If you haven't seen it. Click on that. And enjoy!

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