Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Visningen af Muskler

It is almost 2 weeks ago I was in Bochum at the Loaded Cup. Tomorrow I will go to my second competition, the Oslo Grand Prix. I really love being on the stage and all the things that come with it - the tan, hair & make-up, carb and pump up... All to get THAT filled-tanned-dry-one-day-stage-look! I truly love this process - even if I am damn tired, my body heavy, my energy low and the same with my bank account. BUT IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!! That goofy smile says I AM ONE HAPPY GIRL!

"That goofy smile" rarely seems to leave the face of Denmark's rising Bodyfitness star Therese Vilrik Bruun. Really. Check her 1,000+ Instagram posts and check how many are goofy smile-less. Hint: they're the pictures where you can't see her face.

Whether she's on stage or backstage, doing what she endearingly calls "posering" inside or outside the gym or at home or in a hotel corridor on the day of a show, she's smiling. She's practising her quarter turns, that goofy smile is there. She's pinching her 4-week-out skin, showing off her abs - "my six buddies" she calls them. Goofy smile. She's flexing a rock hard (and surely too big for Bodyfitness) bicep for a photoshoot. Goofy smile. Strength with a happy face, is what she calls it. Although she says it in capitals.

The image on the left is from 2009, when I weighed 50kg and that was the look I had until 2012 when I started training for real. On the right 56kg for stage and 67kg off-season. It has taken 4 dedicated years to build this physique, and I'm just starting. Note the difference in the smiles. Some think that a muscular girl is a masculine girl, she says. I think it is feminine - what do you think?

She's taken her goofy smile all over Europe in the past few months. The Loaded Cup in Bochum - she won the Junior Bodyfitness title and in the Open (Senior) won her class and was 2nd overall. The Oslo Grand Prix - 2nd in her (Open) class. The Stockholm Grand Prix - again, first in her Open class and 2nd overall. And most recently the EBFF European Championships in Spain, where she came 10th. Phew!

Here she is after stopping off for a training session in Germany on the way back home from the European Championships in Barcelona. There is always time to a flex in every gym in any country, she says. It's wholly inappropriate, I know - for one thing I'm married, and for another she's nearly half my age - but I really think I am in love.

You see the whole sthenolagnia thing, defined as "sexual arousal from the display of strength or muscles". Well, we might have that in common, but all us sthenolagniacs are just a little bit different. For me, the keywords there are "display" and "muscles". For me, some women just press the right buttons when they do their display thing, no matter how big or "small" their muscles are. It's something about communicating the joy, the ecstasy they experience as a muscular woman. They might all feel it, but only a few make me feel them feeling it.

Therese has pressed all the right buttons, so hard I think they're going to be stuck in the "on" position for some time.

And at 23, she's "just getting started"!

My kind of booty picture, Therese tells us. Oh why's that, Therese? No f**king filter, she explains, just my 2-weeks-out diet ass. And in a gym. In a PUBLIC PLACE! She can't help herself. And I don't seem to be able to help myself. So with just one more bit of solid gold inappropriateness from me, and 100% unnecessary flexing from Therese, it's time to say goodbye for today.

I have to fill in my Copenhagen Tan application form, you see.

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