Friday, 3 June 2016

Pectus Cibum

That's Pec Meat to you, mate.

For no other reason than because we love it, today, a selection of recent(ish) examples of prime pec meat as collected through the work of The Pennypacker Foundation. Whether it's all 100% organic product is not something we're too worried about, but we've avoided presenting meat that is very obviously or plentifully enhanced.

Some of it's pumped, some striated, some pumped and striated. Some sweaty, some veiny, some sweaty and veiny... You get the idea. But all of it has been earned rather than bought. Chests to be proud of, chests to die for. For more about the owners, the meat producers themselves, click on the names for links where we've found them.

Margo Logan (left) & Liz Montalbano
Ida Thyrring (in motion here) & (right) familiar, but... anyone?
Layla Allen on Instagram
Layla Allen on Facebook

So good we doubled up on her. Pec fans need to check Layla out.
Jacquelyn Hickerson aka Beast Buns
Michaela Schaar
Tonya Hooker & Natasha Aughey
Gerbel Mikk (and glammed up)
Jennika Hill - full house here; pumped, striated, sweaty and veiny!
Karina Nascimento & pole dancer and Figure champ Lauren Martin-Stow
Ana Lopez, up close
Ana Lopez, personal
Ekaterina "Katyukha" Kuznetsova

Cammie Spindel in motion & previously on FMS
Laine Costa

Some grade A Brazilian beef right there.

Ai karamba!


  1. Great pec pics!
    Looks like Christina Palmer Woodward with the headphones.


    1. You're a walking encyclopedia of female muscle man!