Thursday, 21 November 2013

Candids: Drink Up!

left: Kris Murrell working her way through her own personal pitcher.
right: Megan Abshire prepares to drink you under the table. Cheers!

below left: It wasn't until the office Christmas party that I finally got to see that the girl from accounts who had told me she'd started lifting really was starting to show some definition in her arms... centre: Only a woman with muscle looks this good in a backless dress (and it may be virtually frontless for all I know). Ridiculously sexy. And somehow the glass of wine just makes it even better. Click on the picture and see if you can keep them above the table... right: Not a million miles away from my idea of what heaven looks like. I feel I should know who these beauties are. ID anyone?



  1. Hi
    From left to right they are:
    Jordan Meyer,Ekaterina Gamagina, Katrinka Danielson/Sara Butler.


    1. Man you are GOOD. All hail the King of ID!