Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Shannon Courtney: Biceps!

Of all the many many reasons to be admiring the gorgeous Shannon, her biceps would be one (or maybe that should be two) of them. The common consensus among the brethren seems to be that of the 'new generation' of female bodybuilding talent that has emerged in the last couple of years, only Rene Marven deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Shannon when it comes to the guns.

Shannon says her typical arm day goes as follows: I always start off with cables, tricep extensions over the head and ninety degrees, bicep curls, twenty-ones with the cables, a lot of skull crushers, tricep dips with the plates. A lot of isolated moves. Right, so Swell is gonna be trying exactly that combo tomorrow, and, more importantly, encouraging/begging the wife to do the same.

And like the rest of Shannon, it's not just the SIZE that's so appealing. Her biceps, to my eyes anyway, are so aesthetically pleasing that I feel like I'm not going to miss Debbie Bramwell or Marja Lehtonen as much as I thought I would.

You might think I'm getting a bit carried away here, and that may, indeed, be the case (though in my defence I would say that you, dear reader, might find yourself prone to a little hyperbole if you had, as I have, been looking at nothing but images and clips of Shannon for the best part of a week).

Or you might just think that comparing Shannon to Debbie and/or Marja guarantees that I will burn in hell. But my intention here is not to dis any of your (or my) all-time favourites, I absolutely do NOT want to receive any hate mail, so let's just say you're right and I'm wrong and these aren't the best 22-year-old biceps (don't ever forget they're only 22) I can recall seeing. OK? OK.

What we can agree on, I'm sure, is that they are big enough and beautiful enough to cause a stir, and not only among female muscle fans. I was in the store and this little boy looked at me and thought I was some kind of superhero, Shannon told her local media before her pro debut. But the story doesn't end with another little female muscle head being added to the crew (just imagine if Shannon had been your first, talk about downhill from there!)

His mother saw him and pushed him away, like I was going to hurt him or something. Now, I wasn't there, obviously (and unfortunately) so I'll just have to take Shannon's word for it, but isn't it more likely that the woman in question was more concerned Shannon was going to hurt her? If not physically, then certainly it seems plausible to me that the woman saw her self-esteem being crushed (not to mention what it would do to her own child's opinion of his mother) if she remained in the presence of such a beautiful and strong 'superhero'.

And she's probably not the first woman who's been made to feel inadequate by Shannon (see above). Don't you just love how Shannon is in such control here that she can take time-out from this wrestling 'match' to admire her own mouth-watering bicep with relish? Making feel all tingly looking at this pic, I don't mind telling you.

I'll leave you today with Shannon flexing both barrels in one of her most appealing photoshoots. And I'm leaving in a hurry, because these images of this stunning woman are literally making me melt. I need a lie down in a Shannon-less room for a while.

Until tomorrow, enjoy!

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