Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Prof. Pennypacker's Pectarium

Like many fans of female muscle, Pennypacker was, at times, curious to know who he shared his passion with. Ultimately, he decided it was an impossible task to try to identify who, exactly, the 'sthenolagniacs' are. However, the questions about the group to which he felt he had come to belong are certainly ones familiar to the author, and may well be questions readers have asked themselves at one time.

from Pennypacker's diary 10th October 2011
I find the statistician in me is not gone. How many of us are there? Do we number in our thousands, millions, tens of millions? Are we numerous enough that we are almost certain to know a fellow female muscle worshipper, even if we do not know that is the case? How many, I wonder, have I met in my life? How many are friends, though we would never speak of it and so never know?

from Pennypacker's diary 12th November 2011
At times I feel like such a diletante. The knowledge some of the forum bods have of the history of female bodybuiding, their knowledge of the training methods and lifestyles of the women, their knowledge of when and where the competitions are, even the bars where the women go after the contests... I have so much to learn before I feel I can talk to them without feeling like a schoolchild being quizzed by a university lecturer. Oh, the irony of that!!!

from Pennypacker's diary 17th February 2012
From what I can understand, I am unusually old and developed sthenolagnia (how much new vocabulary I have learned?!) relatively late in life, but this is based only on the confessions of those who are prepared to share this sort of thing, and only then when protected behind the anonymity of the internet. Hardly empirical.

from Pennypacker's diary 22nd February 2012
Like mad monks in the most extreme of orders we practise our common religion from within our own cells, never meeting, passing notes to each other under doors.

from Pennypacker's diary 9th April 2012
A thought on the prevalence of available material. Statistically speaking, it holds that at any given moment a female muscle worshipper somewhere is more likely to be masturbating to an image or clip of Annie Riveccio than one of Georgia Fudge. It amuses me to think that this might be remembered as Pennypacker's First Law. Ha!

from Pennypacker's diary 4th May 2012
For a moment I lifted my head above the parapet. Received email from cousin Larry. The family is worried about me. I wrote hundreds of words in reply, confessing to everything in some detail. Candid and unapologetic, I was ready to 'come out' as they say. Never pressed send. Deleted it and wrote something about being kept busy with the renovations to the house and various loose ends from work that needed tying up. Promises that I would visit him and do the family rounds in the summer. I wonder if this is a common experience, something other female muscle lovers go through.

from Pennypacker's diary 19th July 2012
What I know. 1) Sthenolagnia exists all over the world and it is a taboo fetish everywhere even though 2) it takes many different forms. 3) The lovers of female muscle are as varied in age, social status etc. as the male population itself.

from Pennypacker's diary 28th August 2012
Bank holiday with the family at Larry's. Conversation turned to the Olympics and Larry, never one to hold back on his opinions, spouted forth about how impressed he was at the 'Amazonian women' on display at the Olympics in London, how wonderful the physiques they had developed were and that kind of thing. I agreed wholeheartedly, perhaps a little too wholeheartedly - there was more than one comment made about this being the first time me and Larry had ever agreed on anything. Could Larry possibly be one of 'us'? On the train home I daydreamed of a test. Sending him pictures of Rene Campbell. Subject: A Real Amazon.


Rebekah Kresila by Muscular Girls in Motion
Viviana Violante by 'the street fighter'.

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