Friday, 29 November 2013

Prof. Pennypacker's Pectarium

Though the construction of The Pectarium was now complete, the professor's sudden descent into ill-health and the awful diagnosis that followed meant that he would have little time to enjoy it, and that he was fully aware of that fact. The images, gifs and clips that he enjoyed in the days before his final hospitalisation (he was allowed to return to his home for the last few days of his life but was unable to have one last night inside the temple of muscle worship he had built) included those which are presented today. Morsels from Professor Pennypacker's final female muscle worship meal...

from Pennypacker's diary 4th September 2012
The archive - both print and digital - is as complete as it can be, and automatic updates will continue long after I am gone, God willing. I am sure they will fight it - I would if I were them, and who knows, they may win, though I hope the law will protect my wishes as it should, queer as they may seem.

Within weeks of his death, just how 'queer' was evident, not only in the vehemence with which his family reacted, quite publicly, to the reading of the will, but also in the press. MAD MATHS PROF BLOWS £1M ON FEMALE BODYBUILDING BEASTS is just one of the many headlines that sticks in the memory.

It was a 'queer' time for female muscle fans. Their little-known fetish was suddenly catapulted onto the front pages and from there onto the evening news and beyond. Suddenly, the water cooler talk was of the secret world of the female muscle worshipper. Suddenly the IS THERE A PENNYPACKER IN YOUR WORKPLACE? guide to spotting a 'female muscle perv' was being poured over during coffee breaks. Suddenly everyone knew the word 'sthenolagnia'.

To begin with, we kept our heads down. Feigned disgust at the latest (doctored) image of female muscle beauty that was pasted across the tabloids and held up for ridicule in the places we worked. In fact we were disgusted, but disgusted with ourselves for betraying the women we most admired and desired, and for our own cowardice.

Then, at last, we started to gather ourselves, to share information. Which country are you from? Which city? Oh really! I'm just down the road. Where do you work? For real? I was chatting with another guy who works there, I'll put you in touch...

And day by day and week by week we established that the professor's inklings were, in fact, correct. Many of us DID know each other, if not by name we took the same trains, ate in the same snack bars, worked in the same factories and shops and offices. And we set the day, and the time. The day and the time. As one.

We emerged from our cells to worship together. At last.

Sondra Faas by Shirtrippers
Sandy Riddell by 'the street fighter'
Desiree Ellis by Muscular Girls in Motion

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