Sunday, 10 November 2013

Shannon Courtney: Woman vs Food

Shannon's top tip to budding muscle goddesses is ALWAYS be prepared! Getting all your meals in and on time is the key. So we imagine she'd approve of today's post: Woman vs Food Shannon Courtney Special

As we've noted here before at FMS, while the majority of women who want to lose their extra pounds choose salads, skip meals and generally try to eat less, muscle goddesses like Shannon not only eat more, but also more often. Female bodybuilders are not only great athletes, they're also great eaters. Those muscles that we love so much are just as much the result of her diet as they are of her efforts in the gym. If she wants to grow (and Shannon obviously does), she’s got to eat, and she's got to eat a lot.

It may seem counter-intuitive, mainly because most women have fallen for the 'eat less diet myth', but female bodybuilders are living proof that if you eat the right things in the right amounts, you can eat five, six, seven, even eight times a day and have hardly any excess fat. But you've got to eat right. Muscle women know what to eat and crucially when to eat it. So, again, they're more than just great athletes, they're also expert nutritionists. And no mean cooks.

(left) Shannon describes her homemade Pumpkin Protein Bars as 'effing amazing'. The recipe, inspired by Jamie Eason, can be found on Shannon's Facebook page.
(right) Shannon displays an off-season treat, homemade chocolate chip cookie dough chocolate bonbons. And one of her lovely biceps.
After all the nutritional discipline of her contest prep diet, the new pro and her burger. The moment I've been waiting for! My PB&J burger from 26Beach. I've been thinking about this burger since the USAs and we are finally reunited.
Shannon's 'favourite time of the month' is when her order arrives from Michelle's Magic Morsels. The Michelle on the label is, that's right, none other than Michelle Brent, and Michelle is canny enough to be using Shannon (specifically the picture above right) to promote her product. Shannon says, OMG! These protein cookies are freakin' amazing! Perfect for traveling and on the go - super healthy and CRAZY delicious!!! And so are the muffins! TRY THEM!!! THEY WON'T LET YOU DOWN!

Who's hungry?

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