Sunday, 24 November 2013

Prof. Pennypacker's Pectarium

from Pennypacker's diary 20th October 2010
Recorded webcam with Alina. She has changed her hair and is, to my delight, now brunette. She bounced for me for over half an hour. Her ever-growing pectorals filled the screen. Heavenly. I spent the rest of the evening filing caps. I wonder if I would have had any career at all if I had discovered muscle women at a younger age.

Though the professor came to female muscle late in life, his archives, as far as we can tell, encompass the entire history of the sport of female bodybuilding as well as the strong women of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Pennypacker on pecs
With their rejection of the breast tissue that to a large extent defines the female body as distinct from that of the male, female bodybuilders declare their independence from the established 'rules' of womanhood. They are utterly unique in adopting this position. No other group of women so vehemently rejects the roles and conventions assigned to them. They stand alone but united in a sisterhood of which the badge of belonging are the muscles where their breasts 'should' be.

from Pennypacker's diary 14th May 2010
Jennings is as masculine as any current female bodybuilder. The size and mass of her pectorals are intoxicating. In the past if you had told me a woman was called Rosemary I would have imagined a cake baker from the WI, all Laura Ashley, walks with the dog and church on Sunday. Now when I hear the name I see this wonderful beast of a woman in my mind's eye. How times have changed!

'Pec Purists' should not celebrate Pennypacker as one of them. Though it is obvious from what has emerged from his archives at this early stage that the professor enjoyed what you might call the unadulterated chest above all others, he was certainly not averse to some artificial enhancement, or, to use the parlance of our times, 'bolt-ons'. Having said that, women who have chosen to have more extreme levels of breast enhancement, like Yvette Bova or Lynn McCrossin, for example, are conspicuous in their absence from the archive the professor installed into The Pectarium.

from Pennypacker's diary 3rd March 2009
Kresila is utterly beguiling. I fantasise about showing colleagues a picture of her. I'd wait for them to say, as they surely would, that she is a rare beauty, and then, and only then, would I reveal an image of her magnificent body. As she was on cam this evening. Topless and 100% muscle-chested. Their incomprehension would be something to cherish, and surely the two images would haunt them.

We leave you today with a couple of the prof's faves. Images and clips of Nikki Fuller (above) and Oana Hreapca (below) are among the most numerous in the professor's collection. More from the archive contained within The Pectarium tomorrow.


gifs by Muscular Girls in Motion and The Ankle

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