Monday, 23 November 2015

NABBA Universe 2015

The first of two clip-packed posts this week and the first of a few that focus on contests - Theresa at the NPC Nationals is one (I may have mentioned that before) and the other, well, the other is a surprise - takes us to what you might call the spiritual home of British amateur bodybuilding, Southport in Lancashire, for our annual overload of shredded female muscle in thongtastic posing suits. Yes, it's the NABBA Universe.

Toned Figure, Winner

Alex is new to the blog, and new to me, but of course that doesn't mean she hasn't been up to much until now. She is, for example, the reigning NABBA Ms North-east and Ms England in her category, and she also finished runner-up this year at NABBA Britain.

And found time to get up close and personal with Kizzy Vaines on a bike.

Alex hails from West Yorkshire and trains at the same gym as another NABBA star we've featured on FMS before, Sally Knights. She only started competing last year - you can see her (ridiculously sexy) routine from her first show, the Open Yorkshire Classic, here - so winning so many titles in such a short space of time is quite something. And she was rightly proud. I competed against 17 other girls from 26 countries worldwide to come out on top!!! she gushed to her Instagram followers shortly after the show. I can't describe how I feel about this achievement.

Her friend and fellow pizza and peanut butter lover Natalie McKenna was runner-up, and Korean An Bokyung came third (click on their names for their routines). Alex is the third consecutive British NABBA Ms Universe in Toned Figure after Nicola Bentham (2012 and 2013) and Charlotte MacGill. And if you should fancy seeing a bit of Alex training her lovely bum, well, I know where you can find it - here.

Congratulations to our British winner!

Trained Figure

Class 2, 3rd

Now here is a lady we've met before on FMS, Ms NABBA Britain Sarah Mura, who finished 3rd in the shorter of the two Trained Figure classes at her first Universe.

And damn was she looking good backstage.
Sarah, right, with someone vaguely familiar

And far from shabby once that tight little grey number had come off and it was time to get those glorious glutes onto the stage. Currenly enjoying a well-earned holiday in the sun with her beau, Sarah confirmed her status as one of Britian's most exciting NABBA athletes here - and her choice of backstage company hasn't changed my mind about what I wrote about her in July, either: You suspect Sarah has a cheekier, racier, side than most. She is, for one thing, sponsored by the same supplements company as Lisa Cross, and if some of the posts on her Instagram ("sarahsynthol") are anything to go by, she has a similar outlook on muscle and sex as Britain's naughtiest.

Gentlemen, betting on this year's Rear of the Year has been closed.

Class 1, Runner-up

Linda Cassidy gave the crowd a routine to remember and threatened our collective heart rates this time last year when she was finishing 5th in the taller Trained Figure class. And again this year County Down's funkiest Amazon gave another full body performance in a similarly minimal posing suit. No health warning was issued, but everyone seems to have survived, and Linda took home the runners-up trophy.

It's not always an easy task to find pictures of the NABBA ladies. Linda's on Facebook, but it's very much a page where she dishes out advice and motivational quotes to her personal training clientele rather than a page where there are pictures of herself and her lovely muscular body. If it were, you'd be looking at one right now.

Sarah and Linda were the top Brits, but before we move on to the winners, here are the rest of the ladies who finished in the top 6 in the two Trained Figure categories.

As above, just click on the ladies' names to view their routines at your leisure.

Trained Figure I (tall): 3rd, Regiane Basques Moreira (Brazil); 4th, Elodie Ducos (France); 5th, Anna Carolina Bittencourt (Brazil); and 6th, but by no means least, British NABBA veteran, Jody Shuttleworth, looking better than ever.

Trained Figure II (short): 2nd, NABBA legend Flora Conte (Italy); Sarah Mura in 3rd we've seen. Sadly the routines of Olga Permina (Russia, 4th), Mechelle Ihnat (UK, 5th), and, another Brit, Lindsey Angel (6th), aren't up yet, though you can see all the competitors in the class doing their thing in the comparison round here.

Class 2, Winner

3rd in 2013 and runner-up last year, Brazil's reigning NABBA World champ Cinara Polido added the Ms Universe title to her collection here, and was well worth her win.

Cinara has been an FMS fave for a couple of years now, ever since her glorious glutes started twitching like crazy during her 2013 Universe routine, and we most recently caught up with her Brazilian thighs last month in our week of Rolling Thunder.

Cinara's incredible transformation, and many many more pictures of this Brazilian NABBA goddess, can be enjoyed further on her Facebook and/or Instagram pages.

Class 1, Winner & Overall Figure Ms Universe

It's been quite a few months for the very un-Russian sounding Daria Diossi.

First, she won the NABBA Latvia-Lithuania Open (above), and then went on to claim the WFF Universe Superbody title. And since then, she's not only added the NABBA Universe to her rapidly growing collection, but also the WFF World title as well!
Daria with her WFF World trophy and tiara

Here's 7 magnificent minutes of footage of this stunningly beautiful woman performing her routine, winning her class, and finally outmuscling Cinara in the overall posedown.

More Daria? She's on Instagram, and you can see her WFF Universe routine here.

And there is a whole lot more from the show on the NABBA YouTube channel.

Fill your boots!

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