Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sweat. Sweet! (I Wanna Be Her Dog)

Excuse the perspiration, says Melissa Wee. Flexing is hard work.

I think Melissa needs to practise, practise, practise, and practise some more. Doesn't look like she's even close to getting it right yet. And if that means even more perspiration, so be it. I'm sure she'll find someone in LA willing to hold the towel.

Melissa is competing this weekend. Find out how she did, how truly, disgustingly peeled she had got during her preparation, and what she considers to be an appropriate outfit to wear to church during her peak week on her Instagram.

You'll be as jealous of that dog of hers as I am.

And, connected "in back", if otherwise totally unrelated, a sweaty gem from the FMS archive. Super Tazzie shows you her sweaty muscle bum does bent over rows with a right sweat on, poses like the arrogant goddess she is, and struts around like she owns the gym. Which she obviously does. Intoxicating Female Muscle Hall of Fame stuff.

I believe Tazzie has a pooch or two.

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