Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Those Magnificent (Female Muscle Lovin') Men And Their Editing Skills

Fan-made compilation clips have been around for years, but it seems to me that in recent months it's not just the quantity that has increased but also the quality. Female muscle heads, armed with editing software, their female muscle clip library and, in many cases, an ear for a good tune as well, are producing ever more impressive work for our viewing pleasure. And for today's post we've picked four of the best.

by Ultimate Muscle

Ultimate Muscle has produced eight (at the time of writing) compilation clips that focus on individual women, a particular muscle and even a favourite pose. His clips tend to let the women do the talking - literally - rather than have a soundtrack for the images, although his latest work, Ultimate Muscle Biceps, has both. It's also more rapidly edited than the majority of the other clips, suggesting his style is going to evolve, but for our first presentation today we've chosen Choose Your Weapons, a bicep-fest which is more typical of his style in general. It stars Melissa Coates, Alicia Kavuljacova, Donna Bramble and Lisa Moordigan, and Ultimate Muscle wants you not only to enjoy the clip, but also to get interactive and vote for which of these legends should be the subject of his next compilation. Link after the clip.

Vote here.

by femcepsfan

Femcepsfan's channel has 50+ clips, but it's only recently that he has started producing compilation/tribute or what he calls "music video" clips of his own. He has a penchant for Asian muscle women - his list of compilations includes excellent Yeon Woo-Jhi and Rebekah Kresila tributes, for example - but his uploads include all kinds of female muscle old and new. I'm not exactly the biggest fan of his soundtrack choices, but it takes more than a bit of Euro-pap to spoil my enjoyment of three minutes and fourteen seconds of skillfully edited Sophie Arvebrink clips, and I urge you NOT to mute the video and deny yourself the pleasure of Sophie grunting and groaning as she pumps and gurns. Yes, indeed. Get comfy for this one.

by JL "El Mariachi"

If you've not come across JL's work before, you can probably guess from the title of his most recent meisterwerk that this is not going to be even remotely safe for work.

Yaxeni's biggest (and boldest) fan and long-time friend of the blog, JL "El Mariachi" has been making his own special brand of clips (including what he calls his "cumpilations") for many many years now and posting them on his blogs - previously Cum on Her Muscles (sadly now gone forever), more recently Erotic Female Muscles. But he's never produced anything quite like this before, as he himself explains...

Today I'm trying something different. I created a storyboard, searched for the relevant clips, suitable female vocal dance music and put things together as an edited video for my ULTIMATE Yaxeni Cum Fun.

The Story

The young Yaxeni was touching up her makeup and ready for a competition after party. She knew she will be having LOTS of fun - party, dance, meet her fans and flex for them. As a result, she will get extremely turned on. She will demand her husband for sex marathon where they will fuck all night. Somehow she realized there was a hidden camera. A Peeping Tom was in action. Instead of alerting the security, she decided to give the Peeping Tom - an old schmoe an ultimate private muscle show...

Read more and watch the video here: Cum on Her Muscles - Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia


With a name like "rotavirus", he probably doesn't get as many hits as he should - even I thought twice about clicking on a name like that, and I can NEVER resist checking out a new female muscle channel! But those brave enough to get past the name will be rewarded with a bank of clips well worth your time. Like Femcepsfan, Rotavirus posted a number of "normal" clips before getting his compilation groove on, but now there is simply no stopping him. Fancy ten minutes' worth of The Best of Tazzie? Twenty minutes of Yeon Woo-Jhi? How about a little under forty minutes of Sexy Bikini Muscle? And they are not even close to being the longest clips you will find on his channel - two of his most recent compilations both weigh in at over an hour - like going to the female muscle cinema or something - so I guess we should make sure we've got our drinks and our large popcorn (among other things) before attempting those!

But in my humble opinion the best he's yet produced - and perhaps the best fan-made compilation clip I have ever seen - is this seventeen-minute number, epic - if not in run time - in the sheer mass of female muscle it packs in. Lisa Giesbrecht is the undoubted star of the show, but she is by no means the only insanely pumped and vascular woman on display here. The title pretty much says it all, and while you may have seen all the individual clips themselves before, I promise you that you won't ever have seen anything quite like this. It's female muscle fandom at its most intense and its most unapologetic. And female bodybuilders at their absolute muscle freakiest.


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