Sunday, 22 November 2015

Pic of the Week


Yesterday our post about Theresa Ivancik's preparation for this weekend's NPC Nationals ended with an extremely apt quote from a forum member in response to a recent Theresa selfie - Such confidence in her eyes about how hot she is. Female bodybuilders seem to understand tacitly that they have it all over other women.

I'd barely pressed the "Publish" button when yet further proof (as if any were needed) that this is true landed in my inbox courtesy of an FMS reader - Subject: O M F G!!!

It wasn't a picture of Theresa, but of Tanya Hyde...

So, after cleaning up getting some fluids down, I wondered what it was that had turned Tanya from the undeniably attractive but hardly overwhelming young muscle babe of three or four years ago into the devastating creature we see before us now.

There are theories out there that it's all because of Shannon Courtney, you know. The idea is that because Tanya was hanging out with Shannon so much while filming her for her website Tanya Fitness, she got all inspired and has subsequently set about "realizing her Amazon goddess potential" as our picture sending reader put it.

It's a comforting thought. Like Boethius' wheel - the idea that history is in a state of constant motion. You're either going up as the wheel turns, or you're going down. Don't get too despondent when times are bad, says Boethius, nor too proud when times are good, because neither the bad times nor the good times will last. Why should female muscle history be any different? Don't get too hung up on the new "big thing" - Shannon, for example - for her time will pass. But nor should you get too upset if she goes off and starts doing Spartan races instead of bodybuilding, because there will surely be another muscle goddess on the rise. Theresa Ivancik, for example. Or Tanya.

Whatever the reason for Tanya's new bigger and bolder muscle sexiness, whatever it is that gives those extra special women that tacit understanding "that they have it all", Tanya has most definitely got it. It's right there when you look into her eyes.

And it's also right here in a new clip from her YouTube channel.

Now clean up and get some fluids down.


  1. Tanya is getting bigger and bigger, I love it!

  2. She keeps getting bigger and bigger! I love it!