Saturday, 7 November 2015

Sweat. Sweet! (The Search for Sweat)

Finally! I thought to myself, something new on the blog, something we've never done before. Sweat. Sweet sweet sweat. Pouring off beautiful muscular bodies. Great patches of it drenching her top. Beads of sweat dripping down her pec line, her abs...

There must be thousands of images of muscle beauties with a good sweat on, right?

Well, I'm still not sure whether the answer to that question is "No" or whether I've been looking in all the wrong places, but having spent more hours than is healthy in a female muscle image viewing vortex and turning up very few proper sweaty images, FMS turned to a friend of the blog for assistance. I stopped after the first 8,000 pictures, he told us, admitting that even among the 30 or so he had found, it was hard to tell how many were "enhanced" - the "sweat" just sprayed on water mixed with a bit of oil.

Images I remembered from way back, "classic" sweat from The Magazine Years, proved, on closer inspection, to be quite obviously of the "enhanced" variety.

And even more worrying, when I was sure I knew where to find sweaty selfies of a more recent vintage, I found my mind had been playing tricks on me too. For example, Marthe Sundby. I thought I'd find sweat bucket selfies in the Marthe folder by the shed load. It's bloody dripping off her in almost every one she takes, right?


At best, there's a sheen. Marthe certainly looks like she has been sweating (or is about to get busy sweating a whole lot more), but her sweat-drenched vest, the great rivers of sweat flowing over her blood-filled muscles turned out to be all in my mind.

And Marthe's wasn't the only folder I entered confidently but left disappointed.

Sweat, I can only conclude, is a lot easier to imagine than to actually find, or at least that seems to be the case for me. I realise I'm projecting sweat onto images old and new, and I don't need a doctor to tell me that must mean I really really dig a strong sexy woman with a good sweat on. And if you feel the same way you are really really going to dig this week's posts, because thankfully, though it might have proved difficult to find exactly the kind of images I dreamed of, it has not proved impossible.

Please email in your favourite sweaty pics to and I promise to post the lot of them. Sweet Sweat, by the way, is an actual product. Check it out!

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