Friday, 20 November 2015

Whole Lotta Rosie: Guest Rascal


As I've said before [and you will no doubt say again... YAWN! - ed.] real performances from female bodybuilder's in their routines are few and far between these days. I've big-upped Sheila Bleck's artistry before, her commissioning of original music and elegant, athletic posing, but as far as this side of the pond is concerned, absolutely positively nobody does it better than Rosanna Harte.

Which, given that she is a graduate in Contemporary Dance, and, as we've seen/heard, no mean singer and lyricist, should not be very surprising. I love making my routines and performing them, she says. I love the way I can combine all my skills and hobbies into one fun performance. I write my own songs/raps and choreograph a dance routine/bodybuilding routine and get to show off my sculpted physique.

And I, for one, love watching her perform. Sadly though (and once again, my apologies if you have read this before here) it's a rare bodybuilding show indeed that gives the women more than a minute or so, and as a result Rosie's scope to express her full range of talents is somewhat limited. Nevertheless, she can still give quite a performance when competing, as this routine from the 2013 Arnold Amateur demonstrates.

If she can do so much in a little over a minute, then give her four (or more) and she can give full rein to her myriad talents. You can find her rapping, stripping (not all the way, but, you know), flying around the stage and obviously delighting in showing off that sculpted physique to its best advantage at the 2012 UKBFF Leeds here, but my pick of the Rosie guest posing routines available to view is our Clip of the Week this week, "Dumbbells Are A Girl's Best Friend" from the UKBFF East Midlands in 2013.

Follow Britain's newest pro on Twitter and her YouTube channel.


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