Monday, 16 November 2015

Whole Lotta Rosie: Rascal's Got Talent

Not being the biggest fan of the show, this completely passed me by at the time, but here, on national prime time TV last year, was Rosie displaying her body and skills.

I believe [insert name of country]'s Got Talent is something of a global brand, so I won't waste any time explaining just what the hell is going on here, but I will say that Rosie's act didn't quite make it to the main show on the main channel (ITV) but was featured on the less-watched "extra" show (on ITV2), where this clip comes from.

Where to begin?!

First of all, we should say how amazing she looks, and how well she comes across as a person before and after her performance. I'm fully aware of how massively edited these clips are, but despite the cutaways to shocked faces, the "public" at the show seem to have responded pretty positively. I think most men that have never met a female bodybuilder in person have a pre-conceived idea about us, she has said in the past. I think when they meet me they change their mind! It's fair to say that her appearance here changed a few minds in the audience - both male and female - that day.

What's most interesting though is the reaction of the judges, especially the female judges. The look on Aleesha Dixon's face (she's second from the left as you look at them) when Rosie takes off her jacket and reveals her glorious back is absolutely priceless. Is she really so horrified? Perhaps she genuinely is, and that's all it is, but it's interesting that the strongest negative reaction comes from a woman. Is Aleesha's horror perhaps more rooted in deeper, subconscious feelings of inadequacy?

Yes, yes, I've read a couple of schoolboy psychology books and I think I know what I'm talking about, but check out how difficult both Aleesha and Amanda Holden - the other female judge - find it to actually look at Rosie (either in the eye or at that body) during the feedback. The reaction of women when faced with a real alpha female perhaps...

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