Thursday, 21 January 2016

She's So Shredded: Abs Special/Special Abs

It doesn't take much to get old Swell going when there are abs around, so imagine the state I am in having just spent the best part of three hours scouring the archives for some of the most gorgeously detailed six-pack sights of recent vintage. Imagine!

My surprise that these architectural marvels are in fact the results of the work of a Bikini competitor! Knockout Norwegian Catharina Wahl better hide those little slabs up before she steps on stage for her next competition, lest the judges mark her down.

The excitement finding this gem of Aussie-based WFF champ Ildiko Gaspar and then finding this clip of her routine at last year's Sothern Hemisphere championships. Not so much a routine, more a dangerously high voltage sex-charged strut around the stage.

Ildiko on Facebook.

And then I strted imagining licking the sweat clean off Adriana Bernal's glory, taking my time on those veins for sure. I imagined how much Tali Coelho could make by e-baying the chance to be the hand - and how much I could bid up to without having to remortgage. Then I found myself flicking between Yulia Kalinova's perfect pack and Melissa Wee and her veins having all sorts of naughty naughty thoughts.

The thought of running my fingers along the side of Helle Larsen's rock hard midsection did nothing to quell my desires, as you can imagine I'm sure. Well worth an Instagram follow is Helle - she can be absolutely ripped freak mental in the gym.

I was curious about investigating Greek Bodyfitness champ Stella Papapostolou because I knew she'd been getting a lot of love on the forums, but once I'd discovered why that was (see above for illustration) I kind of stopped researching and started recreationing instead. A trick of the light it may be to some extent, but those ridges look like they need their own Ordanance Survey map. Fast train to swoontown.

An another name and set of perfect abs which had been cropping up (on the mighty PumpItUp for example) was Caroline Bergoee, Danish Bodyfitness phenomenon. And I am very happy to add to the chatter about her. Abs like these, and just 18.

Emmanuelle Ethier we have met before, a little while ago now, and very much abs related. And since then, she doesn't seem to have been slacking on the chiselling. If anyone asks where the obliques are, just point them in the direction of Emmanuelle.

Guess who?! No abs post is complete without her. It's like a law.

And by this time dear reader I was more than a little agitated.

And then I watched this...


  1. I've been aways from your blog for a few weeks now and wow I missed so many awesome posts.
    Those "She's So Shredded" posts are amazing!

    1. Thank you! Good to know you are still there!!!

    2. Of course! FMS is the best blog ever!