Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Russian Horde Hoard

hoard /hɔːd / noun a "wealth deposit", a collection of valuable objects or artefacts
Ludmila Tuboltseva

Today, FMS opens up its hoard of Russian female muscle old and new.

Olga Tupisyna - the Russian Laura Madge?!
Beautiful Natalya Yariz
Nastya Goveeva
Marina Alf, Maria Stukova, Evgenia Vasilyeva

Daria Diossi WFF Universe 2015

Yes, she won. And the NABBA Universe (see FMS passim).
Anastasia Motorina, Olga Shestoperova
Queen of Fitness Oksana Grishina

And next, the face (and body) that launched a thousand "Barbie is a beast" stories!
Julia Vins (see also previously on FMS).
Yulia Ushakova
Ekateina Gamagina - yes, that's her back!
Irina Mishina aka Irina Veselova
IFBB pro Olga Puzanova

Elena Shportun IFBB Worlds 2006

One of our most valuable Russian artefacts. Pure female muscle gold.

More of Elena's ever memorable performances can be found here, here and here.
Elena Volkova
Always had a soft (/hard) spot for Nelli Tsyshkevich
Prime Russian female muscle beefcake Liudmila "Oh my Goshko!" Goshko and those astonishing pecs of hers, as seen last year at the EBBF European Championships.
Beautiful (I may have used that adjective before today) Olga Belyakova
Yulia Kalinova - now that is ripped!
Russia's got Bodyfitness with the stunning Antonina Lazukova, the very perky Lyudmila Nikitina, and the obviously rather excitable Natasha Markelova.
The mighty Alevtina Goroskinskaya
Say hello to Lyubov Dreskova, I'm sure we'll be seeing her again.

And for our last muscle beauty in pictures, probably my favourite Russian - despite the fierce competition - the former NABBA Ms Universe, MIA since her (one and only?) Physique appearance at the Arnold Europe a couple of years ago. It's the magnificence of Maria Bulatova (formerly known as Maria Kuzmina). *SWOOOON!*

But we leave you today with some immortal muscle sexiness.

Victoria Zabourdieva NABBA Worlds 2002 & 2003

She finished lower in 2003 (4th) than she had in 2002 (3rd). Go figure!

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