Sunday, 17 January 2016

From Russia Enhanced: Girl's Got Rhythm

The star of one of the sexiest (and unusual) new clips from 2015, our muscle funkatrix is our final enhanced Russian of the week, Ekaterina "Katyukha" Kuznetsova.

And dancing is not the only thing she likes to get up to in the locker room.

That fake coyness doesn't fool me. Katyukha is quite the muscle exhibitionist.

I'm a particular fan of her "pecs free" choice of gymwear, not to mention the proud and dominant posing she has a penchant for while she'd wearing it. Quite a sight, ain't she?

We've met Katyukha before on FMS. Briefly, but oh so very memorably naked and sweaty in a sauna not long before Christmas. She'd been on our radar for much of 2015, and the more we saw of her, the more we wanted to see. It's lucky for us then that she enjoys showing herself off so much, as even the briefest visit to her VK page will confirm. As one fans points out, She's got more pics out there that I can count.

And these chart her whole lifting career, allowing us to appreciate just how far she has come, how much muscle she has added, how much more swoonworthy she's become.

We discovered during our research, Katyukha has the same name (and is almost the same age) as a (famous?) Ukrainian TV and film actress, much more typical in her Eastern European looks, and that makes for another quite interesting comparison...

Spot the alpha female!

Dredded is her latest look, and she has also taken to being a lot more made-up than she was before. She has also been voicing her appreciation for Figure competitors (nothing wrong with that, especially when the Figure competitor is Tina Nguyen) and I may be wrong but she seems to have lost a bit of upper body size, but before you "Go Big or Go Home" types cancel your Katyukha VK follow, lately she's also been saying how much she'd like to show off her bod in a Brazilian carneval queen costume.

Might be worth sticking around in case someone actually buys her one. If I was her hubski - yes, she's married - I know what Katyukha would have been opening on Christmas Day (or Russian equivalent). Hope he's not the kind who wouldn't want his wife making those carneval costume pics widely available for us fans to enjoy.

Evidence so far suggests he isn't.

Although evidence also suggests that Katyukha's hardly the type of жена whose husband's opinion decides what it is she does or doesn't do. And long may she continue to exhibit that beautiful body of hers just exactly as much as she wants to.

Watch more Katyukha in motion on her YouTube channel.


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