Wednesday, 27 January 2016

(Female) Muscle Cars

Did Kristy Hawkins invent the single bicep in-car selfie?

My memory is a little hazy about when camera phones became viable, but the file information attached to this pic says it was taken in January 2007, nine years ago.

Whether that makes it the earliest known example I couldn't say, but it's certainly the earliest example I've come across in my (less than comprehensive) research.

What we do know is that everybody's at it now...

But while the in-car selfie might have a short (if longer than imagined) history, images of female muscle and (muscle) cars go much further back to the ol' magazine years.


Rozann Keyser (left) shows us how she'd like to be paraded through the streets. If you are too young to be familiar with the glorious Rozann, you might like to check out her routine from the 1993 NPC Nationals. She won the Heavyweight title and turned pro the following year (but there was no parade as far as I know). Valerie Gangi (right, in the string) was, you may recall, a 1997 Ms Olympia competitor and then over 15 years later competed at the Olympia again, this time in the Physique Division.

And here's a real treasure.

The owner of that Mitsubishi could probably put it up for auction on the female muscle forums and make a mint - "as touched by Zuzana in that bikini". Just the tyre even.

Other cars might be worth a bob or two as well...

"Scented by Brigita"

"Soiled by Dena" (sorry Dena)

Probably not for sale.

And perhaps most valuable of all...

"As washed by Julie"

Now do you remember that scene in The Counsellor with Cameron Diaz getting freaky on Javier Bardem's car? I wonder where Cormac McCarthy got the idea for that...

Get inspired here.

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