Sunday, 24 January 2016

She's So Shredded: Miss Beast

I am SO busted.

But, writes Melissa Lesage, I ain't even mad about it :-)

Well that's good. So, let's take this IG stalking to the next level, shall we?

Melissa goes by the wholly appropriate Instagram name "missbeast25". So I guess that must mean there are at least 24 other Miss Beasts?! Maybe there's a 26 and 27 too...

Time for them to consider a name change. They'd be foolish to continue with the "missbeast" moniker if they are aware of #25, even more foolish if they think they can outbeast her. Look at her face poking out of that hoodie, the expression as warped as her freakish legs like she's so disgustingly ripped that she's even disgusted with herself. Last summer when I was shredded peeled & nasty, she tells us. But I loved every last second of it! YES my liver, kidneys, and heart took a hit but did I DIE??! NOPE!

Seven days a week she trains. Fasted cardio every single day. They gawp at her calves and ask her when she's competing and she loves to tell them she isn't even in prep.
Yes her vital organs might have to suffer a tad, but nothing's going to stop the beast.

Overtraining?? she asks. Oh wait, it's rhetorical. Nah! I just have big goals and dreams. And big beautiful pumped up muscles with beautiful big veins flowing all over them, Melissa. And I should bloody well know cos I've been stalking you long enough!

missbeast25 on Instagram. Get your stalk on.

And if you've got time on your hands and want a laugh, just look up some of the other million or so woman who dare to call themselves Miss Beast and compare. I'll tell you, there's barely a muscle between them, not to mention a damaged vital organ.


She's So Shredded will return on FMS soon.

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