Sunday, 31 January 2016

(Female) Muscle Cars

We kick off our final selection of female muscle and cars with a frankly mild welcome from the female muscle brand that is Cindy Landolt. But this particular selection comes from Swell's "Special Favourites" folder, so fear not, because - just like a car engine on a frosty January morning - it's going to get damn hot damn quick!

Guess Cindy really likes that upholstery.

And I really like Paloma Parra's shoulders in that tight tight T-shirt of hers below. I bet she gets them right pumped up when she gets the chamois out and buffs up that shine. Bet she attracts quite a crowd - all pretending to admire the Merc of course.

I couldn't imagine a better pair of shoulders in a car pic.

I hadn't accounted for Supergirl, aka Emily Ingram. "S" for *SWOOOON!*

And meanwhile at the car show...

You know they are car crazies when they're looking at the wheels and not at the glamorous beef of muscle goddess Jacqueline Fuchs. Beautiful lines, and horsepower to burn. And I expect those cars are pretty high-performance as well.

This is how I settle my bills at the mechanic, Jay tells us.

No trips to the garage are necessary for amateur Physique star Kylie Jean Vandenbrand though. She can get under the "hood" as I believe she would call it.

With those pythons it looks like she could lift the whole damn engine out!

Now earlier in the week I may have given the impression that I'm not into the in-car single bicep selfie, but the point I was trying to make was they have become so commonplace that finding a really, really great one involves a lot of searching.

A very honorable mention then for one that I'm sure I've posted before - Jessica Graham proving once again that Figure girls flex everywhere except on stage.

But FMS' in-car single bicep selfie queen has got to be powerlifter Lisa Rothman.

Left, right, "duck face", eyebrow flex - Lisa's work has it all and more.

Stunning beauty. And she can bench every car we've featured this week.


And we leave you with two more of FMS' favourite swoons...


Don't you just love how she's squeezing that wheel and making those pecs ripple?

And ANNIE, being - for once - a bit coy in the pec department.

For less coyness, more NSFW-ness, click here.


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