Friday, 20 April 2018

Danni's For Sale

News that British Natural Bodybuilding champ Danni Theresa was offering fans the opportunity to buy any number of posing suits and other outfits from her has certainly got my imagination working. If I could have any posing suit. or indeed any item worn by an FBB, which would I choose? And once purchased, what would I do with it?

First though, Danni's offer in full.

I have several competition bikinis, including those I wore when I won the UK and World Championships. I also have micro bikinis from photoshoots I have done. They are available to buy and come with complimentary photos of me wearing them.

Any questions or special requests, send an email to: or I can send the items freshly worn and unwashed if preferred, and it can be a video of me flexing while wearing the item, rather than photos. I can also buy specific items and wear them for a photoshoot, then sell them to you. You just need to let me know where I can purchase them.

Danni is obviously a muscle lady who values your custom. Sounds like she is (literally) willing to bend over backwards for you, and she's famously partial to the kind of minimal outfits that get the pulse racing. I have received a lot of emails from fans wanting to buy the extreme micro-bikinis, she notes elsewhere. They have proved (probably because of the photos that come with them!) to be very popular.

I bet they are.

Now I dare say you are aware that this revenue stream is mined by plenty of FBBs. You may even be the proud owner of a posing suit (or two or three hundred) yourself - it wasn't that long ago that a reader who owned a suit once worn by Debi Laszewski got in touch when we featured a pic of Debi and the suit in a post. Even if you are, but especially if you're not, my question is: What would your dream purchase be?

A Denise Masino posing suit - perhaps from her kinky 2004 Olympia routine, nipple imprints still intact? You could own a piece of FBB history. How about something Rachel, or Cory, or Kim, or Lenda wore? For Euro fans, how about Juliette's or Valentina's or (for UK fans surely the ultimate) Andrulla's Olympia winning suits?

I reckon if it was a return on your investment you wanted, something you could easily sell on later for a whacking profit, then you could do worse than invest in gold - advice as true in life as in FBB fandom. Denise Rutkowski's or Renne Toney's.

Rather than a posing suit, perhaps something from a legendary photoshoot - perhaps lingerie, perhaps a dress. Perhaps the remaining bits and pieces of fabric that were once a shirt ripped to shreds by Angie Salvagno, or Julie Bourassa.

For me, just about anything ever worn by Gina Davis would do nicely, but her evening routine posing suit from 2004 would be the ultimate. As would Denise Hoshor's legendary (in my house) 1998 WPW photoshoot sling bikini thing.

Ideally, I'd like to have a Gina and/or Denise clone (as they were when they wore the garb, and they'd stay like that forever!) come wearing the item as part of the deal, but failing that, muscular mannequins (modelled to the exact specifications of Gina and Denise's bodies, naturally) would be (a distant) second best. If I collected enough we could open the FMS Museum of FBB Memorabilia! More realistically(!) framing the piece with an accompanying photo plus a signed photo as she is "now" would be entirely appropriate decoration for the FMS office, even if they would need regular cleaning from all the furious tributing that would be going on during lunch breaks.

And suddenly I find myself starting to wonder what my dream Zuzana, Tazzie, Marja, Alina and Oana buys would be, and which items of a more contemporary vintage I might like to have on my office walls. I sincerely hope Danni makes a mint out of her offer, but another, unintentional result could well be a more packed than usual inbox for many of our favourite FBBs past and present. Remember to ask nicely now!


And please, any suggestions you lovely readers may have for the FMS Museum of Memorabilia. What exhibits would you like to see hung in there? It's the usual email address:, or if you prefer, the comment box below.