Monday, 23 April 2018

Hevumisa's Gülüzar Gold

It didn't take long for FMS' favourite YouTuber to start posting new work from this year's FIBO. Girls at FIBO Power 2018 went up just a few days after the event had finished. Been waiting patiently for these, wrote another fan, any more coming?

You are in for a treat tomorrow, replied our hero.

We really were.

Gülüzar Tüfenk features briefly in the Girls at FIBO Power 2018 clip, about a minute (of the 7.22 running time) is devoted to her. Black sports bra, tight bright red "shorts". She looks amazing - tight and ripped. And there's the usual slow, sexy delight she takes in exhibiting the results of all her hard work. It's groin activating stuff.

Sixty seconds of magic that leaves you wanting more.

Well, that "treat" he mentioned, how about ten minutes and fifty-five seconds more?!

Looks like he's found his new muse.

Hevumisa on YouTube (we hope there's more coming!)


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