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Magnificent Mishina and Other Physique Dreams @IFBB Europa Orlando 2018

In our Pic of the Month post, we noted that Russian Physique Dream Valentina Mishina is "currently posting at a rate of one Hall of Famer per day" on her social media, and since then - guess what? - she's posted several more winning images.

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Part of the reason Valentina's breathtaking body looks quite so breathtaking right now is that she's on a run of competitions that began with the Ultimate Warriors (she was 4th) and Ferrigno Legacy Pro (2nd) late last year. After a short pause, she was back on stage at the Atlantic Coast Pro (another 4th) at the start of March. Then at the beginning of this month - the show we're most concerned with here today - she gained another 2nd place behind Penpraghai Tiangngok in Orlando. She's basically been "on" since last October. It's little wonder she's so into showing off her magnificent muscles - her lower body in particular - right now. She's a walking freakshow.

And she clearly LOVES it.

I love 10-12 reps, she says. I love classic exercises. I love iron... Barbells, dumbbells, hammer machines. I've learned to feel every inch of my body, but I will learn more.


Get your breath back, dear reader, because you're going to need it. As with the Figure class in Orlando, Bodybuilding and Beyond were there to record all the competitors in Physique, all 12 of them. They're each on for about a minute, so get yourself comfy, you're about to see, apart from Valentina and Penpraghai, Hot and Hard 100 regular Diana Schanidt; Brazilian St. Louis Pro winner Marjorie Beck; Brittany Watts, one of the few women to have finished above Valentina this season - Brittany was 3rd at the Atlantic Coast; the dreamily gorgeous Sarah Fechter; the pint-sized Lauren Rutan on her pro debut; and the irresistible Katie Lee. And four more! All strutting, flexing, rippling and popping their considerable stuff for your viewing pleasure.


How's your judging?
3rd - 5th respectively: Rutan - Fechter - Watts

Penpraghai was first, Valentina runner-up - you already knew. Well, Lauren Rutan was 3rd, Sarah Fechter 4th, then in 5th Brittany Watts, and 6th Marjorie Beck. Katie had one of those days and placed down in 7th, and Diana Schnaidt was 8th.
6th - 8th respectively: Beck - Lee - Schnaidt

If you want more you can check out all the results and (as noted re the Figure class the other day) some (unusually) disappointing, blurry images on NPC News Online.

Valentina is, after all this competitive effort, comfortably top of the Olympia qualifying table, and also - given her looks and the freakshow condition she's in - in demand.

Which is very good news.

More seriously - and I'm not saying glamour shots of Valentina are not serious, just not as serious - she's also reached a bit of a personal crossroads. Being based in the US for her competitions has evidently been a great experience. Now, a decision needs to be made - stay or go, although the way she tells it, it may not be the toughest of choices...

Here, I can fly, I feel free, she says (on top of everything, she's rather poetic, isn't she?). Unfortunately, my Motherland doesn’t give me these emotions. I need to decide...

Up? Or down again?

To avoid (unfounded) accusations of an anti-Russian conspiracy and the potentially disastrous hacking of the FMS server, I have been told by editorial not to urge Valentina to go wherever she feels happiest. Instead, we have one last treat for you today (again, courtesy of Bodybuilding and Beyond). Anyone fancy a posedown?

Thought so.

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