Thursday, 19 April 2018

Woman of the Week: Traci Stone

Feels good to keep my hard-earned work and still lean out. It's definitely not easy and I'm definitely not smiling like this all day long. The sacrifices I made up until this point has been challenging. At times I look at my meals and supps and just stare at them blinking. I get invited to places by people that don't understand my lifestyle. Sure I could go out and take the chance of missing meals and supps or being the laughing stock because I brought my own. No thanks, I'd rather suffer and endure the journey and fulfill it to the best of my capabilities. That way if I fail I can only blame myself. Traci Stone

Yes, I'm sorry that clip is so short too.

The upper body (in particular) of Traci Stone has set more than a few pulses racing lately, and here at FMS we have found ourselves far from immune to her charms.

Though largely unheralded on the forums before around mid-2016, the earliest reference to Traci that FMS has discovered goes all the way back to November 2011, the poster managing to be extremely complimentary and super creepy at the same time: I infiltrated the Facebook of this mysterious girl from San Diego (the creepy bit, "infiltrated"?!) and she might be the perfect woman! She is cute, she is clever, she is rich (the CEO of a clothing company for Bodybuilders), and she is strong.

This is how Traci looked around then, and though we can't vouch that being the CEO of a Bodybuilding clothing company necessarily entails great riches, there's no faulting the majority of our creepy/complimentary forum poster's description otherwise.

A couple of years on, and her now familiar upper body awesomeness was becoming all too apparent, and (no doubt as a result of that) Traci's social media posts started to reappear with increasing regularity and to increasingly effusive praise on the forums.

She gained not just size, but also a following - one, that is, outside the female muscle head community, a real following. Among them you find names like Mmmmonique Jones and Heidi Worrell-Osborn, and countless women inspired by Traci's journey, women who tell her "you motivate me every day" on an almost daily basis. Currently her following stands at a very healthy 52,000+ - compare that to, for example, (the much more "famous") Mmmmonique's, which is just under 35,000.

What's different about the last few months has been the extent to which Traci has leaned out and allowed us to see all those "amazingly sexy muscles" in such detail. She's getting into contest shape (perhaps for the first time, I can't be sure). What contest it will be I have no idea, but it's soon, very soon, possibly this weekend. And reading some of the comments on her Instagram, it seems a pro card will be on offer - her followers not surprisingly confidently predicting that Traci will be getting one.

I wouldn't argue with their assessment.

Traci (you may have guessed) mostly posts short clips rather than pictures of herself these days (which is something of a treat given the shape she's in right now). We leave you with one of my personal faves. It's hard trying to be cute when you have no fat in your face, she says. Somehow though, she manages to pull it off - in some style.

Traci on Instagram


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