Tuesday, 24 April 2018

She's So Shredded: Anna Ferrer Flos


"Wow" reads the first comment, and the second as well. The third is a little more eloquent - "So lovely her eyes her smile, gorgeous!" The eyes, the smile, and her gorgeousness get more mentions, and then the posters start to "scan down". And they see the "bulge" (of her bicep), they see her "amazing chest". "Oh my!" they say. "Beautiful!" they say. "Stunning!" they say. For this single image there's been more comment in less than 24 hours than most GWM posts get in their lifetime.

The female muscle lovin' community has just "discovered" Anna Ferrer Flos.


What FMS has learned about Anna in the last two days since that image burned us too could be summed up as 'not very much'. It's never very easy getting information about athletes who are a) amateurs, and b) not from English-speaking countries, but on top of that, it's not even easy to look for information when you are so distracted by beautiful brown eyes, the loveliest smile and a ripped, vascular body that looks (if not harder) every bit as hard as what's keeping at least one of your hands below keyboard level.

Final preparations for "war", autumn 2017

What we do know is that it is Anna (the double "n" - not as common as "Ana" in Spanish-speaking countries - is correct), and that one reason for the double "n" might be that Anna is Catalan (rather than "Spanish", if that's not too controversial a thing to say). She competes in the Bodyfitness (ie. Figure) division, in the "up to 163cm" class, and she finished 3rd in that class at the Spanish National Championships last year.


Most of her at her most shredded seems to have been from around that contest, even if they weren't posted then - either on GWM, or by Anna herself on her eponymous Instagram. She seems to like looking back at her body then, nostalgic for the look, using the images as motivation for her now as she prepares for another season of competition - "war" as she calls it (or at least that's how guerra literally translates).

imagebam.com imagebam.com

There are days when you want to give up, she says, but when I look at these photos I say to myself, "I have achieved that already, and I will become stronger than ever".

With Spanish IFBB pro Noelia Segura
"My sister, helping me from minute zero, supporting me every day," says Anna

Spain (including Catalunya, I really don't know how to express these things and stay on the right side of both sides!) appears to suddenly be enjoying something of a female muscle boom, and women like Anna can't fail to inspire yet more to take up the pesas. Si todo va bien (if all goes well), according to Anna, the next "war" for her won't be until this September. This year though, it seems she will be followed on her journey to even more thrillingly vascular shredz by a whole lot more fans than she was last year.



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