Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Tube Watch

FMS' (pleasingly popular and) very occasional muscle-in-motion fest returns for the first time since last July with our picks from YouTube over the last month or so.


If you blinked you missed it, but there really was an IFBB pro show in London. Held in the Olympic Park in Stratford the week after the Arnolds, it combined a Saturday pro qualifying contest with a Sunday pro show. Five fine Physiques took to the stage on the Sunday - Britain's own Rosanna Harte, Hronn Sigurdardottir from Iceland (who had won qualifying the day before), the mighty Joanna Romano, Margita Zámolová (fresh from her 3rd place at the Arnolds), and American Shonita Wade. Perhaps not the biggest line-up in terms of numbers, but not short on quality either, as shown in the final judging, posedown and awards, thanks to NPC News Online.

Our Rosie was probably a little disappointed not to win on home turf, but Margita is a seriously classy act these days, and you can watch her routine from the show here.

For Your Consideration

We've long been able to rely on Best Muscle Video for quality (and no little quantity of) North American contest footage, and recently they got round to putting up what they filmed at the 2017 IFBB North Americans. The graceful, sizzling Jessica McKenzie (winner in the Physique division) is definitely a highlight, and we also highly recommend the glorious Jennie Gray - in Figure, but doubtless "too muscular". And for those who like their lady glutes more out in the open, NABBA have put two clips up in the last week or so that are well worth checking out. First we suggest Sarah Halkon (in the tiniest thong of all the finalists) winning the NABBA Britain title last year, followed by some archive footage of Flavia Crissos from the 2004 Universe. Less posing than dance routine, it turns the sexy up to 11 (and quite possibly beyond).


I'm sure their "preview" clips used to be longer, that we used to get a good minute of tease to persuade us to part with our hard-earned and subscribe. Nevertheless, as this teeny tiny glimpse of Sarah Fechter proves, length doesn't matter as long as the clip includes a bicep flex that sears itself into your brain and stays there until you click "PAY NOW" - and delts you could devote your whole life to don't hurt either.

For longer offerings from the channel, you'll have to be content with (some of the better) interviews from backstage and so on. Three well worth a watch from the recent Arnolds are a glammed up Katie Lee (interviewed for once rather than doing the interviewing), Natalia Coelho the day after she finished 2nd at the Physique International (feathery quads and all), and (double bubble) Figure Olympian Melissa Bumstead (pretty but sadly covered up) interviewed by none other than "Beefnuggette" Paige Sandgren (pretty and not at all covered up) - flex at the end!

For Your Consideration

In a similar vein, forum darling Yeon Woo Jhi was recently filmed at a Korean show expo, and although the first two minutes and eight seconds is a lot more interesting than the rest, she does look rather marvellous posing in a tight peachy dress and heels.


We noted how surprised we were that Virginia was absent from this year's Hot and Hard 100, and this recent Double Biceps preview only adds to the confusion. She pumps, she pouts, she makes her mighty striated pecs ripple from bottom to top...

And that's just the first twenty seconds!

Definitely our March viewing highlight. Check out for preview pics and details of how to obtain the fully-pumped, sweat-drenched 38-minute clip.


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