Monday, 30 April 2018

One-Arm Wonders

A week of posts paying homage to the single bicep flex begins with a quartet of women for whom our sense of wonder is not solely concerned with their beautiful biceps.

We're actually wondering who they are.

Our first we have identified only as "Christi". And while we reckon she's a 'Merican, we can't say much else about her except that we could think of worse fates than having Christi as a member of our gym, or our personal trainer, or our date, or life partner.

And the same could be said of our second one-arm wonder [or indeed any woman on this blog, no? -ed.], who may or may not be called "Meri", but that's what we found her as. A beefier, (and dare I say) more mature lady than Christi, Meri looks like she would be a lot of fun to be around, especially when her veins start a-poppin'.

And this is "Irina" - good luck tracking an "Irina" down, especially if your русский isn't up to much! This Irina seems to be rather on the young side, but we're kind of side-stepping that issue by concentrating on her facial expressions. Very determined (on the left) to extract the maximum out of that flex; and apparently amazed, proud and ever so slightly scared (on the right) at the size of the muscle she's looking at.

And finally today, "Andrea", who we've just found the one picture of. Something of the Shannon about her, don't you think? Let's hope she uses that superpower to follow in Ms Courtney's footsteps - right up until the decision to quit Bodybuilding, when she should veer right off those footsteps towards a long and successful career flexing her beautiful, oiled, massively muscular body on IFBB pro stages the world over...

A boy (or even a middle-aged man) can dream!

NEWSFLASH! The normally bloody useless Research Department have actually identified one of these women since the time of writing - "Christi" turns out to be Christi McNair, a nurse and a wife, and American, yes, and as far as we can tell, not a competitor, a "fitspirational" type with more than 10,000 Instagram followers.

This shocker does not, however, distract from my point...

This is the quality of muscle women who we fans don't even know (yet) in the world right now. Back in the so-called Magazine Years, I knew every single muscle woman, knew a fair bit about them too (in between the teenage tribute sessions some sort of recovery was necessary, so reading was actually done), but today I could easily (and frequently do) source pictures of more new-to-me muscle women in one day than I knew in total during the pre-internet era. These are great days indeed, my friends.

And your help would be appreciated.

Readers have recently got in touch to ask if FMS would like some help/suggestions etc.

Yes, YES, and YES!!!

For some time now the situation described above has left us overwhelmed by the task of deciding what and who to post. There are simply too many muscle women in the world for us to properly keep up with, and this is especially true about women in countries the English-speaking media doesn't reach. Now we know FMS has readers in, for example, Czechia, Korea, Italy, Colombia, Japan, Germany, and Russia...

We wouldn't just like some help and/or suggestions - we need you!

Smartarses who can identify the women in today's post included.

More One-arm Wonders tomorrow and all week!

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