Thursday, 26 April 2018

She's So Shredded: Angel of the North

The last time we saw Angelica Enberg on FMS she had powered her way back into the Hot and Hard 100 "back into our collective consciousness and now occupying a considerably bigger space there than she ever did previously" on the back of some "massive muscular development in recent times". Around that time she treated her fans to pics of her wearing and shopping for the sort of outfits that don't just beg for attention, they guarantee it (and a loose group of Madness-stricken less-than-surreptitious female muscle head stalkers) if worn in public - eg. in a shopping mall.

And then things got even more interesting...

Angie started to get ripped. And not just a little bit ripped, either.

On the one hand, she (quite understandably) found the process something of a struggle. Staying strong mentally or physically with this percentage of body fat is definitely not a piece of cake, she wrote (perhaps intending to be funny?) one day. This is pretty horrible, she said on another. You can't live like this. On the other hand though, as what she called "the daily freakshow" progressed, she didn't seem able to stop looking at, photographing, and sharing herself. And (maybe just my imagination) but her smile seemed to get bigger and bigger with each passing freakshow day.

Pulsing veins everywhere, including her forehead. Her pecs bulging and rippling, and striations all over her gorgeous shoulders - many of them with their own striations. Her eyes - whether locked in awe on a flexing bicep or gazing straight back at the viewer - had most certainly got their sparkle back as she entered the final week of her preparations. The pain was so worth it. I'm so empty, she confessed. It's lucky it only takes a moment to get a good picture of the hardness, because that's all I've got the energy for right now. But I'm so terribly happy with my shape, I could never have imagined in my wildest imagination that I would ever come in in this form ever.

The show she was coming in for was the IFBB Sweden Grand Prix - an "Elite Pro qualifier". Everything feels great! she told her fans the day before. And the following day, glammed, tanned and finally ready to take the stage, Angie looked great too.

Ultimately though, and despite a scintillating back double biceps, and a routine that had Dani Reardon's influence all over it (plus a cheeky wardrobe malfunction!), she was outmuscled by women with many more years of bodybuilding behind them. Standing with her little trophy, she looked rather crestfallen to have placed 4th.

Heartbreaking stuff, but she wasn't pouting for long. It was super cool to share the stage with all the amazing athletes but I had hoped for a higher ranking than 4th, she admitted. The top 3 were simply harder and more muscular. I have practically devoted the last 7 years of my life to strength training - a lot, but Physique is an incredibly difficult discipline to compete in and it takes time. I'm 25 years old, so what the hell... I'll keep working hard and giving my all. I have time!

And it's not like she's starting from scratch. She's already built an amazing physique for her (or any) age, and her dazzling natural beauty won't hurt her career either. She does indeed have time, and I'm sure you have time to follow her - Angie on Instagram.


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