Thursday, 24 September 2015

MUSCLE: Micaela Viscido

When, on the forum whose first rule is..., someone is actually brave enough to stick their neck out and write that they think a young female bodybuilder is "almost like Tina Lockwood" in the thigh department and nobody, not one person, abuses them for it, then you KNOW that someone very very special this way comes.

Unfortunately for those who like their facts with their massive slabs of female muscle, what I can tell you about Micaela Viscido is not a lot. She's from Argentina (the land of prime beef), and that's just about the one thing I am 100% certain of. I'm not even clear on exactly how old she is, as she is reported to be either 19, 20, or 21 years old depending on which unreliable source you go with. Let's just say "young", shall we?

So, Argentinian, young, HUGE, and what else?

Well, I know some of you like your measurements, but I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you there. But I also know some of you like to know the kind of poundage your muscle women can, er, pound, and we do have that information. It's not what you would call "the latest" news - they're from about four months ago, so she may well be lifting (much) more now - but it does come courtesy of Micaela herself (so trustworthy?)...

Leg Press: 440kg
Squat: 180kg
Shoulder Press: 70kg
[unspecified movement]: 100kg
2 Arms
[sic, Barbell?] Biceps Curl: 30kg each side
One Arm Curl: 15kg

You can follow Micaela on Facebook, and you can follow her on Instagram. The message is clear. She wants to webcam with you. In fact, every post I've looked at (and I've looked at a few I can tell you) is an advertisement for what you can get for your dollars. I will make your dreams true! she promises. Webcam sessions: worship me! Contact, she says. I will be waiting for you.

Young then, but not what you would call "innocent". Micaela seems to be fully aware of the earnings potential of her "like Tina Lockwood" body, and what's more, she isn't shy about unleashing that potential all over the world of female muscle fandom.

Mr Female Muscle Clips has even invested some money in Micaela. Now it seems that Mr FMC wasn't entirely satisfied with the product she produced for his site, but nobody can fault the performance Micaela puts on in her self-made clip, despite the not very high quality camera. There you are, looking up in awe as she proudly flexes her mighty thighs over you, and through those tight tight shorts  is it my imagination or is Micaela possibly as excited to display those thunder thighs as you are to witness the display?

Here's the preview. Decide for yourself.

Full clips are available at Female Muscle Clips (and no, really, no need to thank me for the plug Mr FMC, I really couldn't accept a free month's membership. Really.)

Back to reality and I'm wondering, in this wonderful sport whose biggest governing body seems hell bent on driving away the female muscle beasts forever, what motivates a young woman like Micaela to build such eye-watering amounts of muscle.

Sure, she can earn a living (I hope) from her webcam activity, but given the effort (and expense) involved in building such wondrously massive muscles, I can't believe it's all about the money. What, for example, does Micaela get out of having so many female muscle heads paying her such nice (and nasty) compliments all the time? What does she get out of the fact that a fair number of those fans are prepared to put their hands in their pockets to have her make their dreams come true? What price knowing your body can arouse such insatiable desire? What price to be she who is worshipped?

Or is all we need to know about Micaela's motivation right here in front of our eyes?

Si no hay amor que no haya nada entonces - If there is no love, there is nothing.


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