Thursday, 17 September 2015

Woman vs Food: Feed the Beast

We warned you...

Does Natalia look like she's in the mood to pose for a photograph? Never, EVER make a female bodybuilder wait for her food. In fact, never EVER prioritise ANYTHING over food. Moments later Natalia's date learned his lesson the hard way. It only hurts when he breathes now, but please, don't make the same mistake.
FMS 22nd July 2015, "Hot and Hard: FMS Approved"

Feed the beast.

When she gets up in the middle of the night for one of her bi-hourly "snacks", be ready to get that protein on the table quick snap. This will make Nathalia very very happy.

Keep that kind of service going during the day and she'll start to look at you with more than a little love in her eyes. See? And in case you're wondering, it's all hers.

Indeed, get used to eating after her - and make it quick because you'll need to start prepping that next meal before long. However, few would doubt the pleasure to be had watching Natalia eat - all that inadvertent (or perhaps even vertent) bicep flexing as she shovels the protein into her hungry mouth. Besides, by the time all of the dishes Natalia has ordered arrive on the table there's so little room left that it's impractical for you to get your order on there too, so it's better to wait anyway. Wait your turn.

I think she's about to get medieval on that sushi.

And if you are in any doubt about whether being Natalia's chef on call 24/7 would suit you, in case you're wondering if going hungry and always getting the (considerable) bill would all be worth it - I don't expect many of you are, but just in case - well, think of those moments you'll have, there before your very eyes, right across the table from you. Those moments that'll make you forget about all the toil in the kitchen, all the hunger pangs and all the rubles you've been spending. Moments like this one...


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