Thursday, 3 September 2015

While the Slave's Away: Day 13


The penultimate offering of our two-week holiday period comes courtesy of the magnificent Watatiwatatio, whose delightful YouTube channel continues to amaze with gems both new and old, often, though not exclusively, with an Asian focus.

His latest winner (at the time of writing) features one of FMS' readers all-time Fantasy Contest picks: the legendary Paula Suzuki. But while Paula's name, face and body are obviously familiar, the clip certainly is not (well, not to me it isn't anyway!).

So, sit back and enjoy over three minutes of a Paula guest posing routine.

Her costume may be a little too modest across her glootage for my liking, the camera may get in a bit too close at times (so we don't get to appreciate the Suzuki-V as much as perhaps we would like), but on the other hand, close-ups of the Suzuki upper body are never a bad thing, and by the end of the routine, as Paula whips the crowd into an audible frenzy, these minor issues are quite irrelevant anyway.

Watatiwatatio's videos

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