Monday, 14 September 2015

Woman vs Food: Eating with Suzy

Whenever I see (those rare) images of Suzy where she's not actually flexing, we wrote in our Hot and Hard 100 countdown, it always seems to me she's either just been flexing or that she's thinking that the very next thing she should do is have a damn hard flex. We may have been wrong about that. New evidence suggests that when she's not flexing, Super Suzy is thinking about something different altogether. Food.

And if they don't hurry up and serve her, there's going to be trouble. Those who are behind her in the queue may just spontaneously combust for one thing. Messy.

It's because of incidents like the one described above that Suzy has been spending less and less time in pink hotpants in public, and more and more time perfecting her culinary skills in the safety of her own home. And flexing while she's at it.

But she does still get out and about from time to time. And any restaurant with Suzy in is almost guaranteed to be out of tables before she's cleaned her plate. This place was empty when the dude with the baseball cap walked in and plonked himself opposite the only other person in the restaurant at the time - Excuse me, is this seat free?


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