Friday, 4 September 2015

While the Slave's Away: Day 14

Katie Ringley

The final post from our holiday time warp. As you read this, the FMS charter will have touched down at Gatwick, the beach (for this summer anyway) a thing of the past. But as today's post was put together in advance of the holiday, the sights we bring you today were potentially in FMS' future when we posted them, if you see what I mean.
Heidi Worrell-Osborne

It would be unprecedented if that potential had been realised and I did have a "holiday beach muscle woman spotted" story to share upon my return. After all, it's never happened before. But that doesn't mean I ever stop dreaming about it. One day...
Laine Costa, Carmen Brady, Hazel Piazza

My dreams are not just my dreams either. Wish someone like that was on my beach, we say when yet another candid of muscle beauty on the sand turns up on the forums.
Vanessa Serros

Oh my God! Wow I want to go to this beach!!!
Eunika Desir

Rarely, if ever, do we consider the practicalities. I mean, the chances are you'll be with someone at the beach, right? Well, you can't just walk off and leave them as soon as The Madness strikes and then spend the whole day ogling from a safe distance, can you?
Miriam Ferreira

And then there are certain other practicalities to consider. Your physical response, for example. Imagine seeing her at the beach next your beach umbrella... Mine would open up all by itself! No matter what your choice of beach attire is, an open umbrella would completely rule out any walking up and down on your part, wouldn't it?!
"Dana" (and friend)

Another thing to consider is that it's highly unlikely your muscle babe is going to be alone on the beach either. The proprietorial hand of this young lady around her muscle belle (identified only as "Dana") illustrates your problem right there.
Kassie Kemmis

So taking all that into account it's probably for the best if I don't (or as far as you're concerned didn't) run into to any luscious female muscle on the beach this year.
Fernanda Sierra Marques

Some fantasies are better left as such. Maybe the only way to truly enjoy such a scenario would be to be the guy on the beach who is with the alpha female...

Or females.
Samantha Hill & April Davis

There's always next summer. Get busy!
Kat Secor


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  1. I would have a HUGE physical response indeed...