Friday, 25 September 2015

MUSCLE: Meanwhile, in Spain...

Joanna Romano (left) and Cristina Goy Arellano are GROWING.

Sometimes the hottest pics are the one where you know an athlete has just blasted her muscles like never before in pursuit of physical greatness, says one forum poster.

Looks like they didn't get the "10-15%" memo from the IFBB!*
Joanna: needs a better camera, but even so... *SWOON*

Our (very perceptive) forum poster continues: the Physique women at the European contests are now very much at FBB level on stage, ahead of [bigger than] contest shape Physique women in the USA. This is causing concern amongst the women in some countries, as Physique was originally an alternative division for flexing athletes who wanted to compete but not make the big size jump to FBB level. Of course, with the FBB division largely discontinued across Europe, the inevitable is happening - the Physique women are excelling and are starting to fill the gap that has been left.
Cristina: the pump, the whole pump and nothing but... *SWOON*

And long may that continue!


* [Today's post, as do most of the posts this week, makes reference to the "10-15%" reduction in muscle the IFBB/NPC recently announced. If you haven't already, you might want to read Saturday's post in order to fully understand the context.]

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  1. "Looks like they didn't get the "10-15%" memo from the IFBB"
    I really hope nobody gets that memo!