Monday, 21 September 2015

MUSCLE: Theresa Theresa


On the left, Theresa Ivancik competes at the IFBB North Americans in Pittsburgh at the beginning of the month in the - no surprise here - Heavyweight Bodybuilding class. And on the left, did you spot it? - open hands! - Theresa Ivancik competes at the IFBB North Americans in Pittsburgh etc. etc. in - surprise! - Physique, Class C!

First up was Bodybuilding. Theresa won the Heavyweight class ahead of the familiar names of Jennifer Gutierrez  and (again, a bridesmaid!) Wendy Watson. Sadly no pro card for Theresa though. In the posedown of the four class winners she lost out to the Lightweight class winner, the ultra-conditioned Jessica Cardenas.

We had one hell of a pose down! gushed Theresa afterwards, adding - with the kind of generosity typical of many female bodybuilders - You rock girl! Congrats! And even
if she was feeling any disappointment, she didn't have much time to dwell on it. It was straight back to the hotel room for our muscle heroine and a session of open-handed Physique posing practice before her second contest of the weekend.

The next day and there in Physique Class C was the winner of the Heavyweight Bodybuilding class. This must be exactly the kind of thing that gives nightmares to Manion, Williamson and the rest of the IFBB/NPC big wigs. Imagine them tossing and turning and waking with a jolt as they scream out TOO MUCH MUSCLE!!!

In the end though, even the NPC judges - judges whose Head Judge, remember, blames them for the increasing muscularity in the WPD - didn't place Theresa and her muscle in first. The class champion (and pro card winner) was Krissy Rains (who I think you will be hearing about on FMS real soon), with Theresa 4th (out of 14 competitors).

Here's Theresa backstage after the Physique leg of her weekend with two of her fellow competitors. Do you think they look like three female bodybuilders? ME TOO! In fact, Jenaya Hofer (left) and Delane (aka Lane) Hart were respectively runner-up and winner of Physique Class B. Lane got her pro card at the show, so she'll be looking forward to "toning down the muscle 10-15%" I'm sure. Sleep well, Mr Manion!

And before the weekend was out, Theresa had more work to do, donning a variety of glam muscle outfits for the schmotographers, all eager to shoot a roll or ten of the Hot and Hard 100's highest new entry while she was in such sublime shape.

Good to see Theresa hasn't lost any of her penchant for the kind of pec-revealing outfits that set your pulse racing. Outfits that just make me want to SWOOOON!

I had assumed, given the kind of ripped bulk Theresa had been showing her many (male and female) fans in the lead up to the show(s) on her Instagram, that the listing of her name in the Physique division had been a mistake - the kind of mistake that had had the name of Gillian Kovack on some Physique lists at pro shows earlier in the year.

So happy that I was wrong! Theresa times two? What a treat!

And while I am slightly disappointed that she didn't get her pro card this time - I think she was in her best ever shape here - there's also a large part of me that is secretly celebrating that fact. It's not because I'm a bad person, I just can't help liking the fact that now Theresa will have to do one more contest this year - the NPC Nationals in Florida in November. And that means more contest prep pictures like this...


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  1. She is by far one of the best newcomers this business had these past few years!