Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Woman vs Food: A Classic Updated

Remember this?

If you do, you've probably, like me, been into female muscle since the magazine years. Swedish legend Veronica Dahlin, leotarded, impossibly beautiful, and displaying her bronzed muscle-bound upper body while shopping at a greengrocer's (near you?).

This picture certainly got my teenaged arse enthused about the weekly trip to Safeway's for a time, thoughts of encounters with Veronica-like muscle goddesses in the fresh fruit and veg section. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, my dreams never came true.

I didn't forget the picture though, and coming across it again recently (courtesy of one of those heroic scanners) I was struck firstly by how very very 80s it looks, but also by how similar it was to a recent post I'd seen by Susanna Tirpak on her Instagram.

What do you think?

Late nite shopping, Susanna says. Nothing all that exciting. Well, not unless you were lucky enough to be another late nite shopper at Susanna's local supermarket (or indeed a late nite shift pulling employee). I imagine for them it was something exciting...

No leotard. And the local greengrocer's has been replaced by a giant supermarket chain. Lettuce for watermelon. And more muscle - remember Veronica was a bodybuilder, Susanna, these days, "just" has the muscles of a Figure competitor!

Signs of the times.

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