Friday, 18 September 2015

Woman vs Food: Will Flex for Food

First up I just thought the title was catchy. I'm not suggesting these lovely ladies got their food on condition that they flexed for the camera. I think they just like showing off full stop. Whether it's in the privacy of their own kitchen/dining room and just for the benefit of the photographer, or whether it's in a public eating place for the benefit of the photographer and several unsuspecting members of the public, having their picture taken with their beloved feed is as good an opportunity as any for a gun show.

One look at NPC Figure competotir Ashley Sneathen's face and you can see it's not all about the food, it's about the display, all about the pride. Although havng said that, this picture does make me want to munch on something, but that's besides the point. Actually, Ashley is attending the Olympia and getting married too, so if you are a fan of those flexing bride shots, I imagine you'll want to start following her Instagram in the near future. The (also food-based) shot of Ashley below is a more recent one.

Congratulations to her and the lucky fella. I bet he proposed over dinner.

And here's another Ashley from the NPC Figure ranks, Ashley Nordman, taking time to show off her gains before sinking her pearly whites into that (rather tasty-looking) burger. Sadly, Ashley has decided to quit competing - her last show was the Team Universe in July. She says that wasn't the reason she quit, but she finished last in her class at the show, which - if you check out her contest gallery - is just wrong.

Over here in Europe, Figure is known as Bodyfitness, but wherever the competitors hail from and whatever you want to call the division, the restaurant flexing is the same, it's just the food that looks different. This muscular beauty is Slovakia's Ela Stračárová. Si to, čo ješ... says Ela, which apparently means "You are what you eat". Mala som hovädzie... som krava? she continues. "I had beef... Am I a cow?"

Does that mean Tracy Weller is a pancake?!

And Andrea Giacomi is sweet, like sugar?!

[That's enough! - ed.]

You don't need anything nearly so refined to get gorgeous Hanah Jamroz pumping her bicep with delight. What you need is MEAT (and I mean the kind that you eat). Doesn't have to be grilled, roasted or barbecued. Doesn't have to be marinaded. Doesn't even have to be seasoned. Just chuck a pack of meat in her direction and watch those big beautiful eyes light up and that, well, rather meaty arm get busy.

Hanah, aka "Hanjam", aka "The Ripped Barbie", is well worth a follow on Instagram. To say it's an action-packed ride would be something of an understatement. And you can also find out just how good a woman can look in a purple "Lift Heavy Shit" vest.


A plate of steak and potatoes for each of Melissa Wee's pythons, and, er, a bowl of pasta and a salad for the rest of her (I guess). Just don't forget to say Grace...


Karolina Borkovcova (formerly Holubcova) has got me swooning all over the place. A double world champ in 2015 (NABBA and WFF) Karolina was absolutely nowhere near San Antonio and the Rising Phoenix. Just saying.

Get yourself more Karolina than is probably healthy for you on her Instagram. She certainly does know how to take an exciting topless back selfie. Just saying.

How to end?

The most food? The biggest flex?

How about BOTH!

Shannon - also nowhere near San Antonio - with about a week's worth.


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