Sunday, 17 April 2016

A New Golden Age? Part II

PumpItUp: My next pairing is the WPW cover of Lisa Lorio and one of my all-time faves Janet Tech with modern media savvy model-look gym-goddesses Larissa Reis and Oksana Grishina.

FMS: Janet and Lisa wouldn't look out of place in Physique either. In Lisa's case, Figure even. Gorgeous women, utterly exotic and other-worldly at the time I came across them.

PIU: I suppose for me, with Janet especially, it was the facial looks, the lean beauty, the particularly friendly smile. Yes, Lisa is definitely more figure in that cover.

I also remember seeing that issue in my local newsagent (a rarity for the then bi-monthly WPW) and plotting how I could get it discreetly into my sweaty hand and out of the shop. I guess it was always more exciting to see two women on a cover than the woman hanging off the arm of some huge guy.

FMS: Lisa Lorio I remember for one picture where she was wearing nothing but braces on top. And I think that is an example of what is the biggest difference then and now. A single image living long in the memory. In 20 years will anybody recall individual (iconic?) images of Larissa? I doubt it, but given there is so much of her out there it kind of guarantees she will live forever as it were. Lisa, Janet and the other women of that era, I'm not so sure.

Interested why you called Larissa and Oksana "Media savvy", how so?

PIU: I was probably thinking of their product endorsements and affiliations. Like Larissa, she has more than one sponsor and a store linked on her site and some pretty impressive photo shoots and videos around.

FMS: Larissa is certainly a canny businesswoman, out of necessity I imagine given her past.

My next two: (young) Juliette Bergmann & sexy Sophie Arvebrink.

PIU: Juliette is one of the coolest Europeans to grace the Olympia Stage, her Olympia routine to Janet Jackson's "Control" one of the most memorable.

Sophie is one of the new self-promoters with an emphasis on gym workout shots. Has she ever done a shoot for one of the paysites? Would we have ever seen her like in the pre- internet/Instagram age?

FMS: Definitely not. Sophie is totally self-promoting as far as I know. She would have had to compete in the past. You're quite right, we'd have never heard of her.

Juliette was one of the few Europeans who remained based in Europe but made a splash in the States - even in her early days. Incredibly beautiful woman quite apart from the body. Those eyes!

The conversation continues tomorrow...

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